Industrial revolution effect on freedom analysis

The focus of this paper is to provide an analysis of the economic or technological change related to the industrial revolution that had the greatest impact on the way Americans thought about freedom in the late 19thcentury. The paper looks at the effects of the industrial revolution on the growth and sustainability of the country as a whole. According to (Carnegie, p. 213) the industrial revolution is one of the most significant occurrences in the present history. It is defined as the period where machines were embraced due to their efficiency, reliability and increased output. America was at the forefront of the switch from the agrarian revolution to the industrial revolution. A large majority of the states begun to realise the advantages that came with the investment on industries as opposed to agriculture. One of the factors that defined the arrival of the industrial revolution was the emphasis on technology. Technology is reflective on the rate of development of a country. The country recognised the significance of the change in that the ideologies accepted at that time were different from that of the past. The country was keen on freeing themselves in all aspects of life so as to become dependent on their own ability. One of the elements of technological changes that helped change the perceptions of the country was the introduction of the computerised mechanisms. At this time, most of the industries came up with technology that assisted in better performance in the workplace. The invention of the computer ensures that data could be registered, calculated, analysed and stored for future reference. This was ideal for the faster production of output which in turn reflected on the GDP of the economy. The growth of the economic state of the country empowered the citizens who acquired a new sense of freedom.(Foner, p. 627-673) mentions the success of the American economy is credited to the change from the agrarian economic system to an industrialised one. The industrial revolution is suggested to be a direct occurrence of world wars. The world wars saw the country invest in new forms of technologies in terms of arms and ammunition. These new commodities are responsible for the success of the United States during the war. The countries involved in the war led to its recognition as one of the world powers. Being part of the elite gave the country the power to invest in different countries. This gave the citizens the freedom to practise trade in different parts of the globe with ease. It was also beginning of the formation of long-lasting relationships with the country and its neighbours. (Cronon, p. 319) states that the countries choice to take on a system of government is one of the pivotal steps taken towards freedom. Democracy involves the adaptation of new forms of thought so as to improve the economic situation of the country. Technology enhanced the development of democracy in the country. The adaptation of the computerised period brought about the exchange of new ideas from different parts of the globe. These new devices encouraged the country to take on new forms of investment that profited the country as a result. Using computers created more time for individuals to focus on alternative factors. This doubled the rate of economic growth of the country. This also led to a new way of thinking that comprised of multitasking so as to take advantage of the democratic way of life.



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