Human Resource Department Planning

The role of the human resource department in a particular organization is to help the company to get the right workforce. The department has to come up with a decisive plan to get the right people in the right positions in the organization at the right time. Human resource planning plays a significant role in an organization by getting a qualified workforce to enable the company to attain the set goals. Effective human resource planning is critical in the running of the organization. Absent or poorly implemented human resource plan leads to poor performance, increases costs, and other negative impacts in the organization. Organizations get out of the way to attract the best and skillful employees in the job market. The increased competition for skilled workforce in Australia shows that there is scarcity in the number of skilled workers in the market. Human resource management is forced to look into the external labor market to attract skilled labor. Several trends have impacted the external supply of labor to Australian organizations. Human resource managers have been forced to strategize so that to gain a competitive advantage in the external labor market.

Globalization has affected the operations of the human resource management in its efforts to get qualified labor. Several strategies have been initiated by human resource management to build a long term capacity to meet the requirement of the workforce. Human resource planning identifies the needs of employees in an organization and takes into account the internal and external labor supply to meet the requirements. The objective of human resource planning is to get the right balance between the demand and supply of labor. The ever-changing global labor market, in terms of skills and talent, results in the growing demand for external labor to fill in the organization’s positions. The primary reason to explore external labor markets is due to the scarcity of qualified workforce in the Australian labor market.

The external supply of human resources in Australia is affected by several factors. Through the Australian Public Service Commission, the government has regulated the external supply of the human resource. The human resource department is always under constant pressure to adhere to the Australian labor laws before attracting external workforce. The decisions of the human resource manager are influenced by the existing laws on hiring training and compensation of the labor market. The organization and the human resource department always strive to remain on the right side of the law. Going against the set laws will mean that the name of the company will be tarnished and hefty fines imposed on them.

The external supply of human resources is also affected by technological advancement. The advancement of technology has forced organizations in Australia to seek a technologically equipped labor force. It is the dream of every organization to use the latest technology in its operation. Human resource management aims to attract a flexible, intellectually fragile workforce and quality staff from the labor market. Technology is employed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency or operation in an organization. A technologically equipped workforce is advantageous to an organization because it reduces the cost of services and effective planning. Human resource managers are required to integrate their workforce and the use of technology to achieve organizational goals.

Workforce demographics also impact of the external supply of labor in Australia. As the older generation of employees retires from the labor market, human resource management has to come up with a way to attract new candidates into the organization. Human resource managers have to factor in issues such as age, gender, and ethnicity as they seek to replace the older generation of workers. The new generation of employees will have to be offered with a different compensation package to attract them to the organization. The environment under which the new generation works in has to be changed depending on their preferences to obtain maximum productivity. The change in demographics creates fewer entry-level employees, which increases competition among employers. Organization in Britain have come up with human resources policies that encourage talent and skill development to improve the employee’s chances of getting absorbed in the job market.

The demand for external supply of labor is also affected by the Australian economic conditions. Human resource manager has to consider the financial implications of hiring a new workforce into the organization. An investigation into the Malaysian construction industry shows that economic changes influence the hiring capabilities in the industry. It affects the size and the recruitment process into the organization. When the human resource is aware of the economic factors surrounding the organization, they come up with ways to improve organizational performance through the enhancement of more effective services.

Human resource managers have to be competitive enough to attract external labor into their organization. Human resources planning is crucial in the implementation of human resource management function. Human resource planning ensures that the organization has the right workforce to enable it to attain its goals. Human resource planning recognizes that proper management of its workforce is key to the success of the organization. It continually improves the performance of the organization and its workforce. Australian public service commission recognizes that human resource planning is the foundation of developing organizational capabilities. It provides a detailed and clear understanding of the corporate workforce and its environment. Human resource planning does identify not only the number of employees needed at a particular time but also considers employees movement and development. Organizational development is tied to the growth in the quality of human capital. Human capital planning incorporates strategic and operational workforce planning to ensure the organizational achievement are achieved.

Australian public service commission states that the effectiveness of human resource planning can be tested through several practical activities. Workshops on environmental scanning are significant in identifying pressing issues in the labor market. Identification of the problems helps human resource management to come with a plan to assist organizations facing the same issues. A framework to identify and understand the issues affecting the labor market enables the organization to develop strategies to improve its performance. The Australian Electoral Commission come up with a strategic plan that was based on human resource planning. The theme of the strategic plan was “investing in our people.” the plan sort to build progress in the Australian Electoral Commission in collaboration with human capital activities. The workshop examined the current and future issues within the commission and its effects. Human resource planning enabled the managers to understand the problems affecting its workforce and the possible solution. The application of human capital planning by the Australian electoral commission shows the other application of planning. According to the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA), the Australian Electoral Commission is among the few public sector bodies that use Human resource planning. Most of the organization in Australia do not have the necessary skill-based competencies to support human resource planning. If the public sector continues to ignore the implementation of human resource planning, then the sector will experience rising costs of operation lack of continuity and other negative implications.

Human resource management is also required to develop recruitment and attraction strategies to attract external workforce. Human resource managers engage in employee recruitment to maintain and improve the operations of an organization. Diversity, skill, and work capability in the workplace is the main reason why recruitment takes place. Australian public service commission has recommended a guideline to develop the best standard recruitment strategies to streamline the recruitment process. The commission seeks to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the recruitment processes. Some of the steps to simplify the recruitment processes include: dispelling the myths about the recruitment process, encouraging alternative methods of recruitment and including performance measures in the process

Government agencies and organizations seek to use the most cost-effective way of hiring. Organizations should consider reducing the cost of the process by finding alternative ways of advertising. Using the Australian government job portal to advertise to a position in the commission provides a cost-effective form of advertising. It is a way of incorporating technology in the recruitment process to better the functionality. The advancement in technology has enabled most of the people in Australia to get access to smartphones that can be used in the application.

Employee’s reviews of the process of recruitment are vital in measuring the performance of the process. The organizations and human resource management have to use critics from the reviews to get to improve the process of recruitment. The effectiveness of the recruitment process should be measured by the number of employees to leave the organization after 12 months of engagement. The Australian human resource institute states that in 2008, the average rate of staff turnover was at 17.4%. It shows that there is a large number of employment opportunities in Australia that allows employees to move from different organizations

Human resource management has a task of ensuring that it gets the right person to match up the job design. Job design plays a critical role in determining the strategies employed by human resource management.  Most of the job opportunities require technical skills and proper human interaction to help the organization to attain its goals. Human resource department has to evaluate the missing skills in the organization and ways to fill the position. The human resource management has to factor in the economic implication of the workforce before initiation a search to fill the position.

The achievement of organizational goals is based on human resource management capability to maximize their competitive advantage over the other. Human resource planning plays a crucial role in achieving the set goals. Public sector organizations should be encouraged to use human resource planning to reduce the costs of operations and promote performance at workplaces. Human resource managers have to keep up with the emerging trends in human resource management to maximize employees output.




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