Human Being Are Like Ape ,doubt analysis


The knowledge ones roots are as important as being able to differentiate an ape from a human being. These are two different animals within similar characteristics but different level of rationality. For example, it is noted that without knowledge of ones roots, one is like an ape. One should get to know of things really hang, by starting from doubt and questioning. For example, one should question his roots (where is the world coming from) or his being, (who are you). These two questions are important in analyzing the doubt method proposed by Descartes.

On the other hand, the argument that many things are changing is important, but importance is relative to the person seeing what is important. By going back to the roots and questioning the roots, and the being, one gets to know the source of the world (Steup, 2005)..

While the argument of the philosophers may be right, it is important for her to learn epistemology. The combination of two different cultures into one, means new cultures should be embraced, but after knowing their roots.  For example, when the Israelites you get to their destiny in the wilderness, they knew where they were coming from, the knowledge of one’s history is important in pointing put the right location and direction. Without knowing where we are from, we cannot make any resolution.

People who can draw knowledge and understanding from roots and history are rich; therefore, they have something to keep for the future. Without proper knowledge of the roots one is lost, it is like floating in a vacuum.            It is also important to doubt the very existence of humankind constantly. People should start learning through first querying the research results. If the system has, loopholes and therefore one should start by question or doubting his existence, role on earth and beliefs. The use of critical thinking is important in assessing the metaphysical impetus of then environment and roots on ones being. People must also have a philosophy to living or doing things. One must; learn the great works of Democritus, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. This is because the three philosophers are anchored on the general metaphysics or epistemology because this was the only way the individuals can identify their roots, understand, and judge their roots (BonJour, 2002).

  “Surely it is by asking questions that we know we are alive.”


Knowing the historical roots is also important as it helps one in becoming less ordinary and may help one to learn how to survive in the world of changing fortunes. For example, while the world is changing, with technology taking over, it is advisable to have once roots on one hand and identify the reason for our existence. Men should be critical in thinking by starting from doubt; one should question his own understanding of nature and system.

In Meditations de prima Philosophic, Descartes offered proof of the actual existence of god; he argues that even though god exists, one should try to make efforts that proceed from metaphysical fundamentals of reality up to the dependent existence of lesser mortals. For example, his argument that epistemological progress in all individual thinkers helps in the establishment of knowledge at a level of complete certainty (Descartes, 1641; Tomberlin, 1999). For example, the concept of doubt can e elaborated by the use of an analogy, if a picture of an analogy. The argument for doubt teaches us that for one to get knowledge one has to defeat skeptics. That is you doubt the truth and ask. It is only by asking question that one comes to learn of the underlying factors in the truth. One should doubt the truth about everything, for example, it is advisable to doubt the evidences of the actual sense and the cultural presuppositions. It is also advisable to analyze the fundamental process by which men reason sand question it.  The first meditation is important for doubting the beliefs that making prescribe to. Men tend to make mistake by defining things in reference to things external to their intent. People know things, because they can define them, but they do not know if there are incorrect. However, the definition has no grounds.


This means that if one lacks acquainted with the roots. One is useless just like a naked ape, as there in no legacy or secret to keep. However, if the use of doubt is important, this means one has to be ignorant first, and then start questioning his being and roots from an ignorant point of view. On the other hand, Gardner, (1991) argues that ignorance is bad, if this is the argumentum ad buculum or circular reasoning, then men are ignorant at the expose of their roots. Therefore, they are floating in a vacuum, which later translates into ignorance. It is therefore suffice to say, that ignorance of ones being and roots is important beginning or foundation of doubt, which is also good for epistemology. For example, the Greek have been keeping their tradition for a thousand years. They do this to preserve their roots and tradition so as to referrer to their roots in order to foretell the future. The tradition helps individual identify with their roots and that by identifying with your roots it is easy to determine where one is going (Boufoy, 2005)




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