How to solve climate change Sample Essay

November 12, 2019

How to solve climate change

The issue with climate change is that it has already affected many countries and is occurring at rapid rates. Understanding the urgency of climate change is important because we see many of the effects that are happening already, such as poor air quality, temperature/sea levels rising, a variety of natural disasters, and melting of arctic ice. These issues have been going on for many years, as there is a lack of unity from states in terms of providing relief or resources to those most affected by the results of climate change. The effect of climate change has worsened every year, leading citizens to become more aware of the damage it causes. This is especially true for countries below sea level that are more at risk because of how vulnerable they are if any damage occurs. International politics should address policies that every individual state follows so that these issues could be fully addressed.

While there are many ways to solve climate change, the most important factor behind the solutions is for the leaders and individuals to work together as one nation to bring about change. Collective action is the most appropriate approach to solving climate change because it is a collective good cause. Especially in our current society, the best way to meet those needs of cooperation is to include developing countries in the process of cutting back emissions. It was much easier for the countries that have a lot of business externally, primarily because they could trade with one another and consistently meet those targeted emissions. However, to have a global solution, it would require a key economic policy that includes developing countries that can’t already trade resources/goods with more industrialized countries.

Collective action is the best approach to solving climate change because it is a collective good cause. When there are a group of people who are willing to work together to bring change to our society, it’s important to have more opportunities for ways to solve these issues. A person might have a self-interest in solving these issues, however, that might create short-term opportunities rather than the collective actions. I am not saying that a person’s interest is not valuable, but to solve these issues we need industrialized countries to work together as a group. For example; air pollution and various emissions of greenhouse gasses affect the entire planet as a whole, and many large corporations and countries made investments to solve the issues. The Green New Deal plan could be one of the solutions for an economic change globally; “the plan calls for the launch of a ‘10-year mobilization’ to reduce carbon emissions in the United States. It envisions sourcing 100 percent of the country’s electricity from renewable and zero-emissions power, digitizing the nation’s power grid, upgrading every building in the country to be more energy-efficient, and overhauling the nation’s transportation system by investing in electric vehicles and high-speed rail.”[1] (this quote might be a little too long)

[1]‘Green New Deal’

For most of the political leaders, issues such as climate change are not a top priority on their list, since it is not considered as an international security threat. However, individual state leaders need to cooperate with the citizens and other state governments to make sure that climate change or any environmental issue is their top priority of things to worry about. For example, the current President Trump has removed the U.S. from the Paris climate change agreement. In 2017, he announced that the United States would withdraw from the accord (Trump Serves Notice to Quit Paris Climate Agreement, New York Times) [2]. This shows how leaders don’t think that climate change is risky for the country and the environment to have cooperation with other countries.

Cooperation is important and necessary. It is recognized as essential. Even those states who are free from the constionis (anarchy) (what is constionis??) it’s important to have cooperation because when it comes to issues like climate change it will help to make changes and find better solutions. The ideology of liberalism can help be a key part in this solution because of it being rooted in the encouragement of states working together to have economic gains. Meaning that if every state combines economics from industries that are willing to work as citizens to stop climate change, the outcome will be good for the future. Especially since humans are responsible for the cause of a variety of environmental problems stemming from climate change. Therefore, if country leaders and the United Nations had strict rules and policies internationally, the outcome would be successful, because every individual would feel responsible to act on this issue. Bernie Sanders who is running for president has stated a powerful statement about how to bring change to our environment and how to prioritize climate change; “all of us have a moral responsibility to make certain that the planet we leave to our children and grandchildren is healthy and habitable” [3].

Realism, one of the grand theories of international relations, is a worldview and set of assumptions about the way that the world works. I think the reason that reciprocity might not work is that realists don’t believe in climate change. Realists believe that natural disasters occur because it’s just “natural”. Realists believe that climate change is not something that humans caused, therefore there is no need for humans to participate in policies that would bring about a difference. Which makes it hard to find a solution or work as a group internationally on those issues, because realists want to keep the climate change problem as it is since they believe it is not their fault. That means citizens won’t have rules or policies that would encourage them to do what is right for the environment like stated in the reading “If politicians want to exhaust themselves debating the climate, that’s their choice” [4].

I believe that realist political parties won’t bring about that much difference to our environment. However, if liberalists set rules that every individual needed to act on, I do believe that the causes aiding in climate change would decrease. A cooperative approach may not seem like the most realistic option, but countries do come together when it comes to mutual interest. Individual nations will collectively come together and will cooperate through a centralized formation of rules. I also believe that the fact that climate change would put habitats and environments in danger would mean that food access would be greatly affected as well. If we understood this better then maybe everyone would be willing to work as a group to change the issue. I do believe that having a shortage of food would also help the realists to understand and engage in finding solutions for global warming.



Climate change is something that everyone should be concerned with and take steps to be a part of the solution to decrease the risk of climate change. I think that politicians and international organizations should enforce strict policies so that citizens and large corporations have no choice but to obey the law to decrease the amount of greenhouse gasses being released in the atmosphere. I believe that if policies were created to combat climate change, then more people would feel more responsible to do the right thing in order to keep countries from experiencing the harsh and damaging effects that come with it.

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