Homeless people ,way of education

The coverage of the introduction of the homeless waivers is ideal in that the number of people who are being affected by these phenomena continues to increase. The classification of 15,000 Americans as homeless is an alarming piece of information in that one would not expect that of the most successful economy in the world. The fact that the article brings out all the locations that are affected in the country shows that the economy has a long way to go. The United States government has set aside money for each sector that is in need of funding. Most of the funding has been reserved for government procedures which as a resultignore more fundamental issues such as the welfare of the American citizens. This in turn has led to the seclusion of the homeless individuals who have no other means of survival.

The choice to take on this topic is admirable in that as students it is our duty to ensure that our peers have access to the same opportunities we have. The use of technology is important for the acquisition of modern education. Homeless people that have a hard time in that they do not have access to the facilities that ordinary students have. Another issue that they experience is the fact that they have to grow up faster than us due to the hardships they go through. The article thus plays a big role in the exposure of these hardships by explaining what they go through.Through this exposure families who undergo this kind of hardships get the audience they need so that they can have access to facilities other families have.

The article talks about the importance of the provision for education for the homeless, although this is an ideal choice, the focus of the topic was centered on one issue that the homeless go through. Apart from the lack of education, people who do not have shelter suffer from lack of proper healthcare due to the expensive rates that the come with the coverage of the costs. The look into the health insurance provision for the homeless people is ideal in that they are the most vulnerable to facing chronic illnesses. The information in the websites was not straightforward in the provision of information. This article thus did not bring out the exact issues that led to the increased homelessness in the country.

The method in which the article was sited makes the retrieval of the information easily accessible. This is commendable in that most of the sites that have been provided in the passed have proved to be nonexistent. This however should have been supported with other sources of information that would have acted as alternative source of reference in terms of credibility.

The choice of the article is good in that documents the level of problems most of the families are going through in the present economy. I especially enjoyed reading this article in that it talks about the same issue that I too documented as a current issue in the news. This made it easy for me to identify with the topic.




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