HIV one of Sexually transmitted diseases




HIV was first discovered in Paris in around 1983 but soon spread to Africa and the rest of the world. HIV is now known to kill millions of people every year


The term HIV is the abbreviations for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The virus causes an immune deficiency in human body making the body more vulnerable to diseases than in normal circumstances. The condition of immune inadequacy in the human body is referred to as AIDs (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). HIV is caused by virus implying that like many other viral human health conditions, it has no proven cure. Some people may have claimed to heal from the condition through various aspects such as traditional treatments or religious beliefs like prayers but its cure is hardly proven scientifically. Often, patients hardly die of AIDs but of other vulnerable diseases such as diarrhoea, TB, and other AIDs related diseases. HIV is mainly sexually transmitted. It can be acquired through other ways, and has no proven cure.

Body paragraphs:

HIV was first discovered in Paris in 1983 was discovered in Cameroon two year later. The virus was evident to go through a mutation process that led to the formation of HIV-2 that was first discovered with patients in the United States.  The more fatal between HIV-1 and HIV-2 is HIV-1 since the latter hardly results into full-blown AIDs. In the most developed countries such the US and European countries, HIV is transmitted through drug abuse, specifically through the sharing of a single injection needle for drugs (McEnery).

In Africa and some parts of Asia or South America, HIV is mainly transmitted through sexual intercourse. In this case, people are either unaware of the effects of unprotected sex or they are completely ignorance about the issue. Another reason for this case is that talking of sexual behaviors openly is termed as taboo especially in Africa. Religious beliefs and practiced encourage the transmission of HIV in the less developed countries (McEnery). Religions like Christianity and Muslim are ever against the use condoms as a way of practicing protected sex. Most of the religions in this category believe that the use of such protective methods is against the procreation act that is in accordance with the religious books including the Bible and Quran.  Some of the religions especially Christianity makes the followers believe that HIV is a punishment of the act of immorality from God and that God is in a position to solve the problem. This in a way could make Christians ignore the essence of self-protectiveness and encourage sex without protection.

Some HIV patients may not be blamed of the disease like those who get it through sexual immorality do in the developing countries. This is especially if they contract it through accidents or during birth (Volberding PA, 302). A child may get HIV during birth and grow to adulthood with the virus but while still health. Some other patients get HIV through the sharing of HIV contaminates sharp objects such as needles, razor blades, and nail-cutters among other shareable sharp objects. The fact that a HIV contaminated blood gets into another person’s uncontaminated blood; the virus is transmitted into that other person. The CD4 or T cells in the human body are targeted by the virus making the patient vulnerable to disease (McEnery).


Unlike any religious beliefs, HIV or AIDS has no cure. The final stage of HIV infection is AIDS. It is a stage when the human body becomes weaker and the patient suffers from other diseases including sexually transmitted disease like gonorrhea, syphilis, as well as non-sexually transmitted illnesses such as tuberculosis and diarrhea (Voyage Marketers Pvt. Ltd). This stage is however witnessed today due to the introduction of ARVs drugs that reduce the effects HIV severity (Volberding PA, 298). These drugs are taken alongside good dietary foods and enough exercises as directed by a physician. Overall, HIV and AIDS have no cure and only preventive actions are more considerable. People should avoid the religious or religiously related propaganda that HIV can be cured and that God can see people through their ignorance to cure their HIV related problems. People need to take all precautionary measures to avoid contracting HIV.









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