Health care research questions and answers

The Research Questions

Do the articles answer a number of research questions such as what is the impact that the Health care law is likely to have on Americans? What are the benefits of the Affordable Care Act to American citizens?

How the Researchers Answer the Questions

The researchers answer the question by discussing issues to deal with the healthcare law by providing its benefits to the American citizens. They assert that its goal is to provide better healthcare to the American citizens who do not have a cover or are in dire need of coverage.

The answers to the questions

The Affordable Care Act will reduce the cost of healthcare to all American citizens. It will benefit the American citizens by transforming the sick care system into one that focuses on health prevention and healthcare provision.


The Impact of the Act on stakeholders and the Interaction of Different Levels of Government

The success of this act largely depends on an adequately trained workforce that can offer the community clinical preventive health services required to protect and promote the citizens’ health. The law offers support for planning of the workforce at the state level while enhancing support for regional, national, and state health work force assessment centers.

Theoretical Framework

The article fits into an existing theoretical framework because the Affordable Care Act is still going through its various testing phases to iron out teething problems in readiness for its final ascension into law in 2014.  For instance, as of today only eleven out of nineteen of the provisions described in the Affordable Care Act have been funded and even those that have been handed still need more financing. This is true since the funding considerably lowered that originally recommended in the act.

The Article’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Amongst the strengths of the article is the fact that it informs the public about the available affordable healthcare initiative by the government. However, its weakness is that it does not tell the public how they will be taxed to ensure the success of the program. The critics of this policy appreciate its good intentions but still query its concept.

Future Implications Set by the Policy

The policy indicates likelihood of other contentious acts being placed under a practical testing environment in the future. This will prevail for a period of more than four years to see if they are viable or not by ironing out contentious issues in the course of their implementation.
What the Researchers could have Done Differently

The researchers should have spelt out the current challenges that face the healthcare sector in the USA. The researcher should have also elucidated how each challenge would be dealt with without necessarily burdening the taxpayer or enriching insurance companies at the expense of the middle class American citizens. Apart from that, the researchers did not explain how the new law would infuse health prevention and promotion across programs and policies in the entire US healthcare sector.

Contributions to the Field of Public Policy

The article makes significant contributions to the field of public policy. Despite the fact that thee contributions aimed to positively influencing public policy, some critics could bring in issues that were not intended by the proposers of such a policy; thereby, completely confusing members of the public. Therefore, critical for the proposers of such policies to come out in public and straighten out issues.


Sebelius, K. (2012). Implementing the affordable care act: a historic opportunity for public administrators. Public Administration Review, 73 (1), 13-14. doi: 10.1111/puar.12120




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