Haas Business School entrance essay

The Haas Business School is known all over the world for its high standards as well as for excellence. There are four key principles, which students always take account into. They include; Beyond yourself, Students Always, Question the Status Quo and Confidence without attitude. I believe that the main principle is ‘Beyond Yourself’. Moreover, I can easily relate to it in many ways as a student of Haas School.

‘Confidence without Attitude’ means that one only arrives at conclusions after a thorough analysis of presented evidence. Everything that students undertake to do in school must be done in a confident and industrious manner. At the same time, one’s attitude needs to be positive. It is only through collaboration and trust that one can have ‘confidence without attitude’.

The principle of ‘Question the Status Quo’ means that students should not be scared to take up on challenges. Furthermore, they have to take upon risks that are worth it, also come up with ideas that bring about innovation. It is only after numerous research and decision making that students acquire innovative ideas to assist in developing the world. An environment that does not allow for questioning and change is not supportive. In turn, development and learning will take place as it ought to be.

‘Student always’ refers to ensuring that while, at Haas School, one grows intellectually as well as personally. Learning is the main reason for attending the Haas School and the opportunity does not present itself quite often. It is vital to put in extra effort in matters concerning schooling. Taking ones studies seriously is demanded in order to stand out. Haas School is not interested in enrolling students who believe that they have attained everything pertaining learning.

‘Beyond Yourself’ is the paramount principle in my opinion. It means striving as well as acting in a responsible and ethical manner. Moreover, focusing upon our actions and the decisions we make. Clients should have first priority, as they benefit our enterprises. For example, I will put on the market products that benefit the society. In turn, I will have gone beyond myself in an attempt to satisfy others, including myself. Haas School provides an opportunity for attaining a successful future. The school provides a platform, which ensures that I achieve my goals. Furthermore, this principle encompasses all the other three, which have been mentioned. Students have to go an extra mile and anticipate even without being directed. Aiming to achieve what others think is not within reach is best described as being ‘Beyond Yourself’. Haas School is indeed an exceptional school, and the reason why I chose to attend it.




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