Going green in saving energy Importance

Going green


Green concept is a term used to define the energy saving process of the limited resources in the environment. The world is made up two types of resources namely natural resources and manmade resources. These two account for the day to day activities that human beings perform. The lack of these resources affects the production of the economy thus reducing the rate of development. This alone shows that energy is a significant factor in all aspects of human life. The use of energy continues to escalate due to the demands of the general population. This demand is not ideal in that it places pressure on the depletion of natural resources. The depletion of natural resources poses a threat to the growth and sustainability of the entire human race.tion of natural resources poses a threat to the growth and sustainability of the entire human race.

One of the leading campaigns involving the saving of energy is the use of renewable facilities. Recycling is ideal for energy saving in that it encourages the use of old substances that would have been previously disposed of as garbage. Some of the commodities that can be recycled are a newspaper, plastic bottles, and minerals. This concept advocates for the change in the lifestyle of the country. One of the ways of applying this to normal life is the switch from the use of paper bags to reusable shopping bags. This not only saves energy but reduces the rate of disposal in the country. Adopting this form of shopping ensures that people develop a routine of living a green life.


Energy saving is one of the most simple activities to undertake. Most individuals take energy for granted due to the ignorance in society. The authorities, therefore, need to educate the public on the pros and cons of energy saving. This can be done by creating awareness in regard to energy saving techniques. One of the simple and most significant concepts is the use of energy in the household. The households in the country consume an immense amount of energy on a daily basis. More than half of this energy can be saved if people were educated on how to sustain energy. Families should be encouraged to make a habit of switching off all electrical appliances when not in use. This should be incorporated with the use of energy saving materials such as bulbs. Observation of this routine can save up to 45% of the energy used in the United States alone.

The lifestyle of the modern individuals is different from earlier times. This is credited to the immense amount of globalization and urbanization. This has made human beings dependant on all things energy. One of the commodities that take up a lot of the energy of the environment is the use of vehicles. Vehicles not only consume a considerable amount of energy, but they also release dangerous gases to the atmosphere. The main concept introduced in this case is the use of vehicles that compliment the green concept. Cars such as the Prius hybrid save a lot of energy reducing the depletion of resources. All vehicle manufacturers are challenged to make cares that consume a small amount of energy.


One of the concepts that are gaining a lot of popularity is adopting green concepts in the real estate industry. As stated earlier, urbanization is one of the reasons for the misuse of renewable resources. Most of the buildings and infrastructure take up an immense amount of resources during the construction process. Most of the resources that were used in the early construction are less likely to be reused. The dynamics are beginning to change due to the concept of green constructions. This entails ensuring that contractors invest in environmentally friendly materials that compliment the green concept. This has introduced a trend in the real estate industry encouraging new homeowners to go green.

Green concepts do not necessarily mean using complex energy saving methods. Going green involves recognizing the loss of valuable energy that can be saved for a future date. Individuals can save energy by investing in products that do not consume an immense amount of power. This can be done by shopping for greenest commodities. All commodities have a place where the number of watts is used for the machine to run. People can opt for supplementing heavy machines with simple and effective machines. Individuals and offices can be encouraged to use a fan instead of an air conditioner. This can be applied to a hefty fraction of the machines used daily.


One of the concepts that have taken center stage in the current environmental debates is the use of natural resources. Natural resources are often overlooked by most of the developed countries. This is ironic due to the fact that the western countries are responsible for the misuse of 90% of the energy in the environment. An immense amount of pressure has been put on these countries to change their use of manmade energy such as nuclear energy. Natural resources have the same amount of significance when compared to manmade energy. Energy concepts, in this case, involve creating avenues for tapping natural energy conveniently. This can be done by using water, wind, solar as the major sources of energy. Natural resources are renewable making them the preferred source of energy in the present day.

The government plays a significant role in the implementation of green concepts. This is unfortunate due to the lack of focus on the safety of the environment. Most of the governments work hand in hand with the major corporations to manipulate the system. This is not ideal in that the needs of the society are placed behind the needs of the few individuals. One of the incidences that show the lack of regard for energy consumption is the United Nations Durban energy conference. One of the policies that apply for such a situation is the fining of countries that do not adhere to the policy. This is difficult due to the immense amount of power the western countries have. As an individual one should rally against the actions of the big corporations so as to put pressure on the government.


The food consumed in the present society is not ideal for the safety of the entire population. This is due to the number of additives and impurities that manufacturers place in the food. This also applies to the breeding of farm animals. One of the concepts that are changing this culture is the use of organic food. Organic food is healthy for consumption due to its natural ingredient. This process is also significant for the improvement of the green concept. Using natural and organic foods improves the sustainability of the environment. This is due to the reduction of manufacturing and preservation which reduces the natural energy in the food. Consuming all the ingredients is an effective method of reducing the use of non-renewable sources. The use of organic foods directly affects the use of fuel due to the consumption of energy. The adaptation of this process, therefore, caters for both personal health and fuel conservation. Maintenance of energy has a long way to go; despite this, the introduction of new concepts continues to improve the lifestyle of the whole country.

One of the ways of addressing this issue is by recognizing that there is a problem. This should be followed with the creation of green concepts that ease the load on the energy requirements. One of the green concepts that have been introduced as a result is the planting of trees. Trees are an essential part of the sustainability of natural resources. They help in the formation of rainfall which is the main source of water. One of the laws that can be implemented to sustained trees is through the planting of twice the amount of trees. This is essential in that it caters for the trees that are cut down due to the rising rate of urbanization. Trees compliment the growth of different crops. This is ideal for the improvement of food products in society. It is thus essential to ensure that the lifestyle of the communities is aligned to the adaptation of the green concepts. Using eco-friendly food encourages the entire society to change their behavior so as to embrace a new form of life.







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