Globalization and International Political economy:



This riveting book focuses on matters concerning globalization, and the politics that are involved, such as multinational firms and pursuing power. Furthermore, it provides evidence regarding how the future world will be affected by networks and coalitions. The latter seeks to promote how people will view the future. The book gives detailed explanations regarding various people and ways through, which they often struggle, in an attempt to make their future secure. Also, it demonstrates the manner, which murderous and nonviolent groups, are viewed as being resistant (Rupert & Solomon, 2005). The book examines processes such as capitalism and globalization in an international perspective. Moreover, there is mention of struggles and processes that have occurred due to complex politics. The authors believe that people have the ability to change the image of the twenty-first century.

About the Authors

The author Mark Rupert, lecturers as a professor, at the Syracuse University at the department of political science. The other author is Scott Solomon, who works as an assistant professor at the University of South Florida, in the Department of International Affairs and Government. Furthermore, he works at the university’s Research Center as a research fellow (Rupert & Solomon, 2005).

Strengths and Weaknesses

            The book’s authors have made it be easily read and in a timely manner. One does not feel like that they will not get to finish it on time. Furthermore, the approach is unique, as many globalization books do not follow the same format. Students will gain valuable knowledge after reading all the chapters. The authors have made sure that they carried out in-depth research, as well as provided valuable learning materials. On the other hand, the book disappoints as it does not have many pages. Once one has completed reading, they feel the urge to know what else the authors know concerning the topic. For example, as the book comes to an end, the authors do not give a clear opinion concerning this matter. In turn, the reader does not know where the authors stand. Overall, the book is a must read for people interested in political and globalization matters (Rupert & Solomon, 2005).

Annotated Table of Contents

At the beginning, of the first chapter, a tradition that is scholarly has been used in justifying the theoretical context found in the book. The theoretical framework makes it easy to understand the historic materialism that exists. Discussions concerning contemporary politics are available, and it gives more emphasis on intellectual discussions. In the other chapters, there is mention of globalization and its various fundamentals. A link, which exists between terror, globalization and state power, is expressed. It seems that, in any civil society, which is global, matters concerning class and gender arise. In subsequent chapters, policies that exist in the American market are focused upon. The policies are known to cause political and economic inequalities. At the last chapter in the book, future scenarios are discussed (Rupert & Solomon, 2005).

Length and Format

            The book has 192 pages in total, and it is in the English language. Its dimensions are 9x 6.7×0.6 inches, and it only weighs 10.4 ounces. Indeed, it is a book that will be easy to read in a timely manner (Rupert & Solomon, 2005).



Rupert, Mark. & Solomon, Scott. (2005). Globalization and International Political economy: The Politics of Alternative Futures. New York: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.









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