Global Warming: Global Climate Change

Is global warming real?

Global warming is mostly referred to as the change in the climate. Global Warming is real because most of the human activities on earth lead to the formation of different chemicals that are emitted to the atmosphere. To know if global warming is real, we should consider various changes in our environment from the beginning of industrialization.

Technology on satellites has helped scientist to take advance photographs, and they can see the advance changes from the photographs. Data collected from the photos taken have played a significant role in concealing the changes on our earth. Several experiments that have been performed, on the carbon dioxide emitted from industries, they form a blanket which traps the greenhouse gases from escaping the earth space, thus increasing the warm on earth. In supporting the existence of global warming, the following are evidence that has been seen on the changing climate.

Evidence of global warming

Increase in temperature

The average temperature of the earth has risen, which is caused by carbon dioxide and the human activities that emit different gases to the atmosphere. These activities form a blanket that does not allow the radiation of the sun rays to be reflected in the atmosphere, thus causing an increase in temperature.

Increase in temperatures at oceans

Temperatures in the oceans have risen in many years since industrialization. This because oceans are absorbing a lot of heat that, that has increased, due to an increase in temperatures. The rise in the cold, from the research since 1969 it is seen that temperature has risen to above 0.4 degrees Celsius.

Reduction of ice sheets

Research and the photographs taken by the satellite has revealed that many tones of ice sheets are being lost every year as reported by NASA. In Greenland and Antarctic, there is an acute decrease in ice sheets mass. The reason behind this is because temperatures have risen; thus, ice sheets are melting.

Reduction of snow covering

The reduction of snow, as observed by the satellite has revealed that there is global warming. As a result, it has led to the melting of the ice and snow covering the northern hemisphere.

Water level increases in the sea

Water levels in the oceans have gradually increased annually. The melting of snow and an increase in precipitation has led to the flow of water into the oceans. This increases the level of water in the oceans. Since the past century, the level of the sea has risen to approximately 8 inches. In a study, it has been found that the rate in which water is rising the seas is doubling as compared to the previous century.

Ice in the Arctic sea has decrease

The ice at the Arctic sea has reduced its thickness and volume in the area they were previously covering. This has been seen over the decades. Therefore, it has created no doubt that the temperatures have gradually increased, thus melting the ice.

Temperature variation extreme change

Unlike the history of temperatures, it has been found that the occurrence of low temperatures has decreased, compared to the number of extreme increasing temperatures. Also, in the USA, there is an occurrence of rainfall since 1950.

Acids in oceans have increased

Since the beginning of industrialization, there has been a lot of gases like carbon dioxide that has filled the atmosphere. This has led to carbon dioxide absorbed by the top part of the ocean. It has led to increased acidity on the ocean by 30%. It is reported that the amount of gas being consumed is rising by almost 2 billion tons annually.

In conclusion, the research above supports the existence of global warming, as evidenced in the past decades. Aside from this evidence, it is also ascertained that in the current weather changes have experienced very intense rainfall, that is stimulated by the increase in temperatures causing the evaporation of water in the seas. These effects have also proceeded to affect humankind. Some diseases are related to the radiations that do not penetrate through the ozone layer as it has been reflected from the earth surface. Thus, causing various effects on live things. Global warming exists.


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