France Business Culture on Communication


The way people assert words in France is very critical and the same applies to what is said in other languages. People in France greatly appreciate and respect elegance even as they sophisticatedly use their language to present their ideas in inartistic form.  The sense of national pride that is alive in their blood makes it hard for them to listen to their language if it is spoken badly. The worst part of it all is when they are presented with poorly written French. In France, a businessman who does not know the language properly would be better off if he speaks in English (Benard 36).

Rules for Investments

The French government came up with rules to regulate foreign investments in the nation in 2005. The laws stipulate that the French government will provide prior approval for foreign investors in the French economy that is likely to harm the national defence interests and public order. This law created three different classes of investors; namely, the EU entities, non-EU entities, and French citizens. In investments by non-EU citizens, the French authorities investigate the nationality of the final managing shareholder. For EU investors, all they need to do is to register their companies in France (Cronin 47).

Capital Strategies

For a country such as France, that has a low rate of entrepreneurship and a high rate of unemployment, the critical capital strategy would be the stimulation of entrepreneurship. However, for almost four decades, a strong elite group referred to as the meritocracy has proscribed France’s economy. This has curtailed the growth and development of foreign investors. The problem has always been put right on the elite groups in France but this has not always been the case. This is because businessmen investing in SMEs are in a position to do well particularly if they invest wisely (Jones 103).

Exit Strategies and Cultural Diffusions

Most investors in France go through numerous struggles when they are starting their businesses. France Business Culture on Communication Structures and Forces, However, they often forget to think about the implications of their decisions in the course of doing business in France. Even those who end up getting much profit forget to have an exit strategy. The worst scenario is where some decide to bleed their businesses dry in an attempt to exit the French market. They do this by ensuring they pay themselves hefty benefits and obtain a big chunk of the businesses’ shares. This, in the end, ensures that they obtain a large part of the dividends, which they can choose to use according to their preferences. Upon being paid almost ten times more than other shareholders in the business, they decide to live on the income rather than reinvest it. However, the good thinking ones may invest it in another country (Cronin 50).

Spreading of Standards across Cultures

France has been credited for inventing several things. The most notable invention of France is the game of Tennis. The notion of hitting a ball against the wall spread fast and first. It was first adopted by England and then it went to other countries in Europe such as Spain, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Denmark. The kind of diffusion experienced between these countries has been contagious diffusion (Benard 67). Nowadays the game is played all over the world and has major tournaments in America as well as its incorporation into the Olympics.


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