Four Major Types of Garden Arbors

Four Major Types of Garden Arbors

An arbor is an excellent way to integrate something into your garden. It often includes trellis which creates a tunnel-like structure of climbing plants. Garden arbors have been in use for centuries starting from the most humble villas to the most expensive mansions. They were discovered in Italy but have become prominent and can now be spotted all across the world. They are cheap to install and barely dominate your garden. You choose a suitable space and make it unique. If you put some time in it, you will realize that most people like to spend their time in that particular spot of your garden. There are many types of arbors to meet everyone’s taste and preferences.

Here are the top four garden arbors:

  1. Archway Arbor

Archway arbor is used to partition a large lawn by stacking arbors behind each other in a row to create an arbor tunnel. This line splits the expanse and allows the archway arbor to create a clear break that will enable you to plant different plants on both sides to enhance the aesthetic look of a place.

  1. Traditional Arbor

A traditional arbor has a flat roof and clean line for garden entrance. It has trellis sides which allows vine vegetables or flowering plants to grow upwards to the top of the arbor. It can also have a wooden seat for one to relax for shade during summer.

  1. Metal Arbors

All arbors are lovely during their initial stages. However, they degrade with time as the weather takes a toll. Metal arbor is the best alternative to the wooden garden arbor since it’s highly vulnerable to damage. Other options include iron, bronze or steel. Unlike wood garden arbors, metals arbors maintain the fantastic look of your garden without any maintenance.

  1. Vinyl Arbors

A vinyl arbor is an excellent choice since it’s the best maintenance-free garden arbor. You should consider this option if the weight of metal garden arbor or the maintenance of the wooden garden arbor becomes a bother to you. Vinyl material offers both the look of wood and durability of metal without any need to paint and repaint every season. Vinyl garden arbors come in different styles and colors. They are easily installed to enhance the aesthetic look of the garden and add character to a large space.

In conclusion, garden arbors improve any garden regardless of whether it’s a small vegetable garden or a large flower garden. You should install a garden arbor for vine plants to crawl up and create a home for upcoming seasons.








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