“Food Inc.” and “The Corporation” films


In the year 2008, the documentary film ‘Food Inc’ debuted, and this is due to the efforts of Robert Kenner the film’s director. The film focuses upon the United States whereby, corporate farming is tremendously affecting the nation. The director wants the world to know that the unhealthy food, which people consume, is obtained from agribusiness. Moreover, this has lead to the employee and animal abuse as well as environmental destruction. On the other hand, a documentary film from Canada in the year 2003, known as ‘The Corporation’ shook the world. The film’s directors were Jennifer Abbott and Mark Achbar and Joel Bakan wrote it. The film focuses on corporations, which exist in the modern age. The film was successful in finding out that there are certain classes, which are held by corporations. They assume legal status, which they use to their own advantage. Also, the film gave a critical view of how society is affected by some of the world’s leading corporations.

This paper seeks to give a critical analysis of how corporations behave, as well as the American food industry problems. Also, it seeks to find out if the given realities are problematic or they reflect how society functions.

Critical Analysis of the realities of American corporations and that of the Food Industry

In the United States, meal choices are often made in a prompt manner since the food, which is available is tasty, cheap and fast. The Film ‘Food Inc’ portrays how Americans under look matters concerning convenience and putting value. This is compared to vital aspects such as environmental impacts and nutrition. The film’s director is known as Robert Kenner and he has made excellent use of direction in coming up with this informative documentary. The issue being investigated has been viewed from many, various angles. Kenner had many interviews with key players in the American food industry. Some of these individuals were CEO’s, advocates, authors, and farmers. Also, a woman known as Barbara Kowalcyk was interviewed in order to come up with an informative documentary. She came to the public light after the death of her young son from E-Coli poisoning.

Kenner goes to various places with his camera in order to shoot the best possible photos. He visits factory farms and slaughterhouses, which are known for being animal torture houses. The cows are pumped and injected with toxic chemicals, and chicken grows at extremely fast rates. Human beings are not spared from this catastrophe, and this is felt by the illegal immigrants. The latter are involved in extensive marketing to ensure that the products that they have on offer are sold at an affordable price. The manner, which Kenner presents, his findings in the documentary is done in the most attractive and professional way. It has the ability to convert most of its viewers to be aware of the horrific catastrophe. Furthermore, it will reach those who do not know about various aspects of the food they consume on a daily basis. Americans are known to be too busy to care about the food that they eat. In turn, some do not know that they are consuming genetically modified foods, which they hate.

Food Inc makes the problem of food known by highlighting it in a broader view. The stance taken by Kenner concerning the corporations and the politicians is not as tough as it ought to be. It seems that he favors them despite being the reason why this issue exists. Moreover, the retailer Wal-Mart is praised, yet it is responsible for stocking some of the food products, which Kenner is against. Wal-Mart is known to stock organic products and this makes it responsible for enhancing this issue. Matters on economics seem to be the reason why this development cannot be easily stopped. The film makes people engage in informed decision making about the food that they will eat. The conglomerate that exists in the food world is explored to the deepest angles, and this makes it a must see. The issue involving Genetically Modified Foods is indeed one that affects society. The latter affects the international food chain as the people at the bottom are affected by what takes place by the Multinationals dealing with GMO’s. The suit filed by the Monsanto Company is one such issue where legality matters are vital. In this case, farmers are accused of not using the patent seeds provided to them as is required. This is despite there being a contract signed by the farmers and the Monsanto Company.

In the film ‘The Corporation’, a lot of emphasizes went towards finding out how American business corporations have developed. Some decades back, such corporations were institutions, which were charted by the government. People were affected by these developments and in turn, had to advocate for their legal rights. This lead to the formation of commercial institutions, in the modern era of government. Other vital aspects, which one cannot, fail to witness in the film include; the American constitution and the fourteenth amendment, among others. According to an assessment conducted in the film, it seems that corporations are behaving like psychopaths. A renowned psychologist known as Robert Hare provided his services in carrying out the assessment. Furthermore, business practices in the American corporate world are not up to standards. Various essential elements, which are needed in successfully running corporations, are not being followed. The result is that it is the ordinary American citizens who are affected by such practices.

The valuable information of critics in the corporate world was provided in order to provide sufficient evidence regarding this problem. Some of these notable critics include; Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn as well as Naomi Klein, among others. There is a connection between the ‘Film Inc’ and ‘The Corporation’ In that they are against corporations that are harmful to people, animals, and the environment. For example, in ‘The Corporation’ there is a scene, which features the case concerning the company, known as Monsanto. The latter is accused of using a milk production inducement in cows. The used chemical is known as Posilac and is known to affect cows in a negative manner also, the usage is considered being unethical.

Most people who have watched this film have praised it as it makes society aware of what large companies are doing to earn high profits. It seems that in this modern era people should be well informed about what is affecting their life quality levels. Furthermore, the film is credible as it has obtained sources from interviews involving people with knowledge concerning this matter. It is not an unusual scene to hear people talking about the issue highlighted in the film ‘The Corporation’. Theories, which were introduced by the notable Max Weber, are made known in this film. The latter focused on the ideals of bureaucracy in the government as well as being an entity that is psychopathic. The film is in favor of public corporation ownership in an attempt to solve the problem at hand. History seems to disapprove, in that evils occurred when ownership was left to the public. Examples of the evils that occurred due to public ownership include the Soviet Union and the Communist Party. Some universities in the world have taken advantage of the film and used it to teach students. In the University College London, the film is used as a case study on matters related to intellectual property rights.


In conclusion, the films ‘The Corporation’ and ‘Food Inc’ were extremely informative in letting people know about issues affecting society. It is indeed true that the latter are realities, which cannot be easily escaped. The documentary films are the ones, which have the ability to highlight such issues. Even, the talk show queen known as Oprah Winfrey has been involved in campaigning against large corporations. She wants Americans to know about matters concerning their food and the role played by large corporations. Lastly, the realities are true, not in support of what it means to be a developing potent society.




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