Film review: The colonization of the pacific islands

The colonization of the pacific islands had impacted negatively on the minds of the people subsequently affecting the ways in which they did things; this had meant a subsequent effect on the culture of the people. The colonization of the pacific islands had led to the dominance of western philosophy, contents, and values in the lives of the Oceania people. The decolonization ideas are therefore meant in reclaiming the perspectives, knowledge, and wisdom of the people of the Pacific Islands, the knowledge and values that had been devalued and suppressed due to the colonization of the islands.  A place in the middle film has tried to address the effects brought about by the effects of colonization. The subsequent use of art has helped bring the entire people of Oceania to have freedom of identifying through art and most importantly the sharing of cultural knowledge strengthens one’s resolve to achieve and strengthen the self-confidence of the people, especially for transgender.

Discuss the complexity and intersection of gender, gender roles, and power dynamics.

Whale rider has empowered women; Ihimaera himself has noted that the inspiration of the story has originated two young females who had taken the decision to ask their father as to why boys were always considered heroes while girls were always helpless and always crying to be saved. Concerning power dynamics, the film has depicted a conscious contrast about a heroine who does not require boys to save her. Whale rider has shown very strong females who have at times stood against the wishes of their husbands; Nanny Flowers drags her husband to the shore by this she has demonstrated her resolution and resolution to stand against the wishes of her husband.


There are also some complexities within the story, the rebellious nature of the woman does not, however, come without specific causes, however, the women have rebelled for what they think is right. It is important to note that Nanny Flowers has decided to go harsh on her husband because she wants him to acknowledge and appreciate the birth of their grandchild. Rehua has gone against traditions by giving a daughter a male name. Finally Kahu, the last strong female figure who has probably been seen as too young but however she has been able to save people. To show the female power, the female characters have stood up for they consider right despite the dictates of the society.

For today’s Pacific Islander communities, what are important characteristics for leadership?

The region has faced various challenges and subsequently requires transformation leadership to help facilitate the continued development of the indigenous people. Leadership in pacific has been recognized as the only way the community can be represented in negotiations with other communities. This is because the leaders have been able to fully understand the challenges of the pacific. The pacific needs young potential leaders who understand the changing nature of the pacific community with an elaborate understanding of the challenges which they face.

Discuss other points of reflection that you have connected to the film.

The two stories have both depicted societal issues. The observable reflection in the place in the middle is the issue regarding the LGBT community. The story has highlighted Hina’s struggle for self-acceptance; many people do not understand what it means to be a Mahu. From the whale rider, the inner strength of the female characters has been highly depicted by displaying the heroic acts of the female throughout the movie.



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