Film making process and factors considered

The making of a film is a complex affair. Film directors are perhaps the hardworking individuals when it comes to production. Several things have to be put in place in order to give a quality and succinct production. The producer must come up with sound ideas that can be executed in a production. The thematic concerns and motifs in a film have to be well executed for the purpose of the audience. Above that, a number of things are interwoven and have to be checked in order to come up with a quality product for the market. Among these items is the color resolution used in different scenes, motion, setting and the actors. This paper shall evaluate how the above factors play out in ensuring a quality master production using the movie Django Unchained.

The setting of this movie plays a big role in understanding the events taking place. The time is two years before the civil war the year 1858. Given this, the director chose a setting that would heighten the mood of pre civil war. The use of slaves helps to cement this. The pictures in the movie have been balanced in color. This is performed in order to generate the right mood and tone for the thematic development. The movie producers have invested a lot in the making of this movie. The product appeals to the audience as it holds all the major highlights of a slave world.

Another factor that the production relies on is the actors. The cast manager has done an excellent job in coming up with different characters. The use of varied characters with contrasting characteristics and roles helps in making the scenes real and vivid. As a result, the film has managed to appeal to the critical viewer of the film. The cast has been enriched by the availability of relevant costume and décor. The slaves appear in chains, tartar, and woebegone faces. This help to create mood in the story line. Moreover, the use of lamps as a form of lighting, carriages and horses help to create the proper environment for the development of the main theme, which is racism. In addition, the actors have rifles, which were used in the olden days. These costumes, décor and props, are wisely selected to come up with a quality production.

The use of different colors is another achievement in the movie. The director has managed to reduce the resolution to fit the time and environment. The use of black and white color schemes is very necessary to the production. The director manages to develop a clear message by virtually mixing different colors. The night schemes are also well executed to fit the time of production.

The themes in this novel have also been ably developed. The film producers have used different times in the world to develop the theme of racism and slavery. This has been the aim of the producer from beginning. Various scenes in the beginning have created an emotive attitude towards the themes. The scriptwriter has also used the different races to show their contribution to slavery and racial intolerance. Indeed, it has been asserted that slaves were also enemies of their own. This is seen through some characters.

However, retribution and justice is served as those instigating racism and slavery are punished by punishing them the same way they punish the innocent persons. The use of diction by the scriptwriter also plays a huge role in furnishing the theme. This is seen in the use of words like nigger. In the end, the production is powerful and well executed.




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