Feelings and effects that are associated with cyberbullying

Why Cyber Bullying is bad

Initially, when there was no much technological advancement, school bullies were the main problem for teenagers and children. Nowadays, the internet is the leading platform where people are bullied on a daily basis. To some extent, in this life, someone has faced cyberbullying or will face in the future. Cyberbullying has become so rampant that out of control because people find it easy to reach their targets. This use of electronic devices or computers to intimidate, humiliate and threaten other people is what is called cyberbullying. Cyberbullying causes psychological and emotional distress to the victims. Notably, the victims of cyberbullying experience very unique negative feelings as well as negative consequences. Below are the common feelings and effects that are associated with cyberbullying, and that makes it lethal to the affected.

It leads to victims feeling overwhelmed. Once cyberbullying involves a lot of people, the victim may feel crushed, and sometimes it may make someone feel as if the whole world is engaging and is against them. Once they feel this way, they usually fail to understand their reason for living; hence some end up hating themselves and developing the suicidal feeling. The situation often feels like it is beyond their control.

Victims usually feel powerless and vulnerable. Feeling safe is everybody’s wish, and once it has tampered with, it makes the victims find it difficult to be safe. At any time of the day, the victims are aware that they might be bullied over their cell phones or computers at their homes. This means that there is nowhere they could be safe, even at their own homes. In their minds, they feel like bullying is everywhere, and there was nowhere to hide. Since the bullies may be able to hide for an extended period, the victims usually start developing fear.

Victims feel like they are being humiliated and exposed. Because cyberbullying is experienced in the cyberspace, it feels like the bullying is permanent. When something terrible happens to someone online, it usually feels like it will always be there and targeting them all the way. Due to the nature of bullies sharing essential information through messages, nasty posts, and texts, the victims feel humiliated as a significant number of people have information about them.  No one wants their private life exposed to the rest of the world, and when it happens, people feel as if they are naked.

Victims have a feeling of dissatisfaction with who they are.  At their most vulnerable state is when victims are attacked. Once this happens, the victims usually start to doubt who they are their value as well as worth. The response, in most cases, is people prefer to harm themselves in one way or the other. For instance, when a lady is regarded as fat, they may be tempted to crash their diets because they believe by so doing, they may change their looks and stop the bullying. In other instances, they may decide to change their attitude and appearance to avoid more cyberbullying.

Victims feel vengeful and angry towards the bullies. When someone is bullied, they feel upset about it and everything happening to them. In most cases, they think that the best way to deal with the bullies is through revenge hence getting engaged in retaliation. When this happens, the victim and the bullies can never get out of it as they end up being involved in a victim bully cycle that never ends. This is very dangerous to both the bully and the victims, as the urge to get even may lead to people killing each other.

It leads to victims feeling disinterested in life. Once someone has been bullied, they tend to relate everything that happens around them than others. In most cases, the victim’s life is defined by meaninglessness and hopelessness. Family and friends interactions starts becoming minimal and those things that once mattered and made them happy become useless in the eyes of the victims. Thoughts of suicide and depression start feeling their minds and when it reaches this stage they end up fulfilling them.

The victims develop the feeling of isolation and loneliness. People may get excluded from the rest of the community due to cyber bulling. At any level, friends are very crucial; therefore, the experience is very painful. Once someone does not have friends, they are prone to more bullying. Turning off cell phones and shutting down computers is what is most recommended once cyber bullying has occurred. This means that one has cut down their communication with rest of the world. In the current world, cell computers and cell phones are major tools of communication and in most cases inevitable. Therefore, by shutting down these devices, it means that the person is not communicating with rest of the world hence the feeling of seclusion.

To students, they feel disinterested with attending school. Absenteeism by bullied kids is usually more when compared to the non bullied ones. Messages shared by bullies humiliate and embarrasses the victims therefore feel insecure attending school where they may be bullied more. Bullying causes stress and anxiety to students which in return affect the student’s concentration levels hence suffering poor grades. If not well catered for, the students end up dropping out of school or completely losing interest in education.

Once bullied, people feel depressed and anxious. Depression, stress and anxiety related conditions are what the victims succumb to.  This is experiences because the victims self esteem and self confidence are eroded. Once someone’s self esteem is low they tend to hate themselves and developing the feelings of worthlessness. Coping with cyber bulling everyday is not a joke; it leads to minimal feelings of contentment and happiness. Once someone is not easily excited by thing they used to make them happy before, it means they are questioning their ways of living which leads to depression.

Constant feeling of ailments by the victims is experienced. The victims of cyber bullying are experienced with constant stomach aches, physical ailments and headaches. Cyber bullying stress also leads to skin conditions and such other conditions like stomach ulcers. In addition, cyber bullying victims may experience low appetites or their eating habits may change completely. They may experience nightmares, sleep more or suffer from insomnia.

Cyber bullying victims develop feeling of suicidal. The risk of suicide is usually increased by cyber bullying.  Once a person has been tormented or cyber bullied through instant messaging, social media and text messages the feeling of hopelessness start building in their minds. Suicide is usually their only way of escaping that pain which is a priority to the victims. Therefore, the only way to stay away from their tormentors is by ending their life.

Cyber bullying results to drugs and substance use by victims. Once a person has been cyber bullied, they tend to look for ways through which they can minimise the stress. The most common but unhealthy way of reducing stress to many victims is through engaging in alcoholism and other hard drugs abuse. Once they engage in drugs the thoughts of bulling builds up because once they get sober they start thinking about it once more. Therefore, when it becomes the norm, they get addicted and their money is fully utilized on drugs. In most cases, working becomes a problem which means the drugs will end up draining their savings and when that happens they can no longer afford to buy the drugs. The last option is usually death which they self inflict on themselves.

In conclusion when dealing with a person who has been cyber bullied it is imperative to communicate with them in a regular basis, understand their feelings, also monitor the way their behaviours and moods change with time and also take the relevant steps in making sure that you help them end that torment and humiliation they are undergoing through. In the case of children, once you realize any kind of personality changes, let them get evaluated by a professional. Cyber bulling is bad and should not be tolerated in the society as it has very many negative effects to the victim than positives. Therefore, cyber bullies should be treated like criminals.

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