Ethical Decision Making in –Business

In businesses, one needs to ensure that the products being sold do not compromise ethical standards. This means that business people should always make sure that the decisions that they make are ethical. For example, the United States market is full of many energy drinks such as Rockstar, Monster Energy and Red Bull. The latter companies are known to endorse many athletes, yet the energy drinks are not safe for consumption. The ethical problem that exists needs to be addressed, as it is one, which affects the health of people who drink energy drinks. The athletes who brand and advertise the energy drink products should be the ones to solve the ethical dilemma. Fox and Austin who have been professional snowboarders are extremely worried about the usage of energy drinks by their fellow athletes. Furthermore, researchers have proven that those who keep on consuming energy drinks are likely to suffer eventually. This means that the energy drinks companies are only interested in making profits at the expense of the consumer’s health. This is the reason why Fox and Austin want to solve this ethical problem.

In order to resolve the issue at hand, Fox and Austin should keenly pay attention to their instincts. This will help them when they want to make a decision regarding how to solve the ethical problem. Fox and Austin, as well as the business people dealing with energy drinks,  are the ones with the responsibility of solving the ethical issue. The latter have to decide whether they will continue selling the energy drinks to their customers and the former should make consumers be more informed. Also, they should consider if they want to continue marketing to consumers, and risk being affected by the energy drinks. Once they are aware that an ethical issue exists, they should obtain the facts regarding the matter. Some of these include how users of energy drinks will be affected, and the various options that exist in solving the matter.

There are various ways through, which they can ethical question can be addressed. The latter can be through applying a theory that is suitable in the issue concerning the use of energy drinks by snowboarders. In my opinion, the best theory to use to solve this ethical question is the utilitarian approach. This means that when making such a decision, the harm caused is small, and the outcome will be extremely significant. Business people dealing with the marketing and selling of energy drinks should ensure that they create customer awareness. In turn, the consumers of the energy drinks will be the ones to choose whether they want the product or not. By taking this step, business people ethical decisions, which include the consumers. They should also do more research regarding the energy drinks to make sure that they contain harmless ingredients. In turn, people will benefit from drinking the energy drink. Lastly, Fox and Austin should recommend that consumers drink both energy drinks and water due to their benefits.

It is vital that the decision to be made should be tested to find out if it is advantageous. In this case, the business people should find out if people are comfortable with the ethical decisions, which have been made. Implementing the new decision should be done in a proper manner so that the consumers become used to it. Thus, consumers should be the ones to choose whether they want to drink water or energy drinks.




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