Ethical concerns in matters of abortion

Question 1a

Working in a clinic that carries out is legal and ethical in a state that has permitted abortion. However, it would be unethical and illegal to work in the same clinic if the nation has criminalized abortion. Ethical concerns in matters of abortion are far too impressive to ignore.


It is legal and ethical to respect the last wishes of a patient. Terminally ill patients that request assisted suicide have a right to this decision if euthanasia is legal. Physician-assisted death is a sensitive ethical and socioeconomic matter as it does involve not only the health and welfare of the patient but also his family and professional healthcare givers.


It is unethical and illegal to grant death wishes to a patient without the direct consent of the terminally ill patient. The surrogate might have his or her heart in the right place, but the codes of ethics of nursing do not permit any special compromise.


It is illegal to underdose a patient prescription. It is also, unethical and to deliberately hide medication from a patient who needs it because this compromise could lead to detrimental health complication like a death in the worst case scenario.


The deontological theory focuses on the aspect of being right or wrong based on rules and regulations of a particular set of concerns. The utilitarian approach targets the overall welfare of a given population in light with the consequences of an action. Principalism focuses on justice, beneficence, autonomy, and nonmaleficence.


I think it is essential to bring the client up to speed with all treatment options. It means that it is better to enlighten the patient about the risks and merits of each treatment procedure to allow the patient to make an informed decision. Failure to disclose vital information to a patient could portray as a deliberate murder attempt which is punishable by a court.


It is illegal and unethical for health care professionals to disclose patient information against the client and family wishes. According to the ANA code of ethics, a health professional’s top priority should be a patient’s interest. A client or the family of younger patients should approve all the actions taken by caregivers. Disclosing of patient information could put the client or the family at risk due to several reasons. Also, according to all nursing protocols, revealing patient information without his or her consent is a crime.


In the case where a colleague uses another nurse’s password to access the medication system, I would report the incident to the organization authorities without hesitation. The fact that the nurse is using another colleague’s password portrays that he or she has no permission to access the system. The illegally obtained narcotics could put other people’s lives at risk if the nurse plans to distribute the drugs.


I would kindly approach my colleague and tell her to use the appropriate method to obtain the supplies for her child. Moreover, since she works at the unit, it is convenient for her to get the supplies without challenges. If it is the expenses that worry her, I am confident that the administration can be of assistance. Thus, I will kindly tell her to approach the management team. It is unethical to use a patient’s document to obtain supplies not meant for the client. The outcome of my colleague’s action is that the patient will end up paying excess money for supplies that he or she did not use while at the health facility.


Assuming that I am attending to a patient who is going to die and he insists on knowing, I would tell him that I am afraid that his condition is life-threatening, but the health care team is doing the best. I would then conclude by saying him we are uncertain his recovery. If he is not going to die, I would gladly tell him that he will be okay soon.


Patients rarely recognize the scientific terms of various drugs. I would tell my patient that I am administering a pain reliever. Also, I will let the client know that hydromorphone is a strong pain reliever as it contains morphine and is a narcotic.




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