Electro Logic strengths and weaknesses


Electro Logic

  1. Using the behavioural guidelines in Figure 6.5 as diagnostic aids, what are the strengths and weaknesses of Electro Logic (EL) from a motivational perspective.
  2. What are the high priority action items you would include in a consulting report to Steve Morgan, President of EL? Focus on specific actions that he could initiate that would better use the abilities of the staff and foster a more motivating work environment.



Motivation (Strengths) of the employees is derived from the fact that they deal with a present president and not an absentee one. The president occasionally interacts with the employees in games or through parties.


Performance: Milestones are checked on a weekly basis through meetings, which is a weakness since it does not give employees enough time to recuperate from their failures and concentrate on attaining the company’s strategic goals.

Ability (Aptitude, resources and training): The training resources at EL are poor; consequently, managers and technicians who leave the company are usually on the constant search for large companies where they are likely to find better opportunities to advance their careers.

Goal expectation: The goal expectation at EL is very challenging. This is because when technicians finish their proposals, their supervisors are never around to give feedback. Finally, when they get the reports, they do not accept the proposals and instead make many changes without explanations.

Timeliness: This is a big problem at EL because before one project is completed, engineers are pulled from it and instructed to set up another project. This leaves the technicians in the middle of nowhere. Faced with a tight deadline, they are forced to complete the projects on their own.

Satisfaction: The high rate of turnover, especially amongst technicians and management indicates that employees at EL are dissatisfied. EL’s wages and salaries are actually marginalized by not only national but even the local levels.

Salience (Personal needs): The employees’ personal needs are rarely met, for instance, while the EL’s president, his Assistant, and the finance manager have their personal offices, the engineers are crammed together. These work areas not only lack privacy bur also the noise from the printer is also very irritating.

Outcomes (Intrinsic and Extrinsic): The supervisors like what they do because they do not have to stay in the management offices where there is strict supervision. However, they are a disgruntled lot because the engineers treat them like they are not trained. They do not take their opinions even after they have labored a lot doing research.

Reinforcements (Discipline and Rewards): this is a weakness to the motivation of the company employees. Most managers and technicians, who form the high turnover rate at EL, indicate that they leave the company because of its style of crisis management.

Equity (Personal expectations and Social comparisons): Equity is not real at EL when it comes to remuneration. This is because a small group of engineers and scientists has very lucrative salaries compared to new engineers at the firm.



High Priority Items For Steve Morgan the EL President

Ability (Aptitude, resources and training): Steve Morgan should provide career development paths for his employees to ensure that they develop their skills. This should cover all levels of employee’s right from technicians to the engineers.

Goal expectation: The EL president should also ensure that engineers treat their supervisors and technicians with respect, for instance, they should be made to respond in time to proposals. Apart from that, they should be made to accept criticism and employees contributions.

Timeliness: The EL president should ensure that all engineers are involved in projects and are not pulled from them before their completion. This will ensure that projects are efficiently completed in a timely manner.

Satisfaction: EL wages should be made to be at the same level with other companies, both locally and at the national level. This will ensure that all employees are satisfied and the high turnover rates will be lowered.

Salience (Personal needs): The president should ensure that all workers’ personal needs are met. For instance, each engineer should be given an ample working office rather than being crammed in one room. In addition, other facilities such as tea and coffee should be provided to the employees for their own convenience. Silent should also be observed in working rooms; they should be free from machines noise such as the printer. This is an ideal provision because this noise may inconvenience people who want to do their research.

Outcomes (Intrinsic and Extrinsic): The ER president should review his style of crisis management to ensure that it does not work against the employees’ morale. If employees are not sacked for trivial issues, they will know that their careers are secure with the company and will not seek greener pastures.

Performance: Milestones should be evaluated after a month or two to ensure that employees are given enough time to recuperate and improve their performance. This will enable them to derive the best strategies in order to augment their production.

Equity (Personal expectations and Social comparisons): The ER president should ensure that employees in a certain level are paid the same salary without disparities within a given level. For instance, all engineers should be given the same remuneration. Apart from that, new employees should be given the same salaries as those who are already in the company in their level of work. This would curb unnecessary turnover and ensure that the company meets its strategic financial and production goals.



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