Education and its importance in life


What Education Means to Me

I was born without the idea of education and its importance in my life. Time passed by as I gained various aspects of knowledge such as how to speak, how to work, how to recognize other people and the best way to relate with them. I took such kind of knowledge with no sense of value in the rest of my life. It is now that I am gaining a clear understanding that the basic education and training that I gained at my tender age would greatly influence the rest of education and its value in my life. Education has directed me in various ways especially in the facets of social interaction, economic stability, and problem-solving.

Today I am who and what I am due to the value I plant in education. I understand very well that education brings a wide range of opportunities in life. It is very certain that life is full of competition and so is education. Today most positions in the job market and in politics are competitive because of education. In class, the most intelligent students seem to be in better terms with instructors and teachers. A student who is highly focused in education that emerges among the top at the end of the day and certainly gets in the list of those students enjoying the school atmosphere. Education would always determine a person’s position in the way of relating to other people especially in school. I gained popularity in school due to excellent performance. The popularity was without bare hands since students and staff ended up respecting me to a special extent. It came to me that the value I had put into education made me perform excellently and turned my social status to most admirable position within my class and in the entire school.

Among other students valuing education as I do, I have an understanding that with good education, I would always be in a better competitive position in all aspects of life. Most of the economic sectors are completely inaccessible without a certain level of education. Some of the high levels and skills in education are hardly attainable by every person gaining basic education. Basic education is the basis for achieving or gaining access to higher education. There are however benchmarks for accessing some of the facilities in higher education. This case brings in the point that candidates with the basic requirements would ultimately gain access to higher education.

As I climbed up the ladder in education, I gained more clues that more and more opportunities of success in my economic and social life were getting better as well. Some of the individuals who dropped out of school at the elementary level could not approach me after I had attained my high school diploma. My interaction with this group of people of people was hardly diminished by the fact that I became antisocial to them but because they did not find a similarity between our life styles. I certainly noticed a change in my social group.

After gaining an invitation to college, my social group certainly changed direction by gaining new friends, most of who were to join the same college. Little did I know that these friends would again change for other new and different5 friends once I join the college? This situation could be viewed from two points a positive side and the bad side of it. First, I did not want to leave my old friends, some of whom were too dear to me. In fact, it was too painful to part ways with them. On another aspect, gaining new friends is not easy and sometimes I was afraid and anxious of becoming lonely at some point especially on joining the new institution of higher learning. I gained strength and hope from the newly acquired friends. The only problem was that before people found out my potential in my field of study, time would have gone but I finally found peace of mind and gained even newer and better friends with various ideas about life and career advancements.

College became a good place in determining what I wanted to be in life in accordance to my abilities and the way I understood my potential. The same abilities in collaboration with education and my new economic and social level brought better opportunities in terms of job and relationships. I started being independent in terms of financial and economic needs.

As time went by, I gained full discovery of having the ability to make self-judgmental decisions as well as helping other individuals deal with various problems. Education made me more stable socially, economically, mentally, and financially. These four conditions grew stronger with time and as I gained more education. I could handle more problems that I used to seek help from my folks especially my parents. Now that I was a well-educated adult, my thoughts were critical and hardly dreadful results could come up from any course of action I took regarding to decision-making and problem solving. At this point in life, I could vividly see the fruits of my education. All latter achievements could be regarded to the fundamental skills I gained from barely a few months after my birth. This included teachings on how to speak, how to walk, and how to eat among other necessary skills. Education has greatly changed my life in a way that I can face most of the most difficult situations in life.



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