4 Inconveniences to plan for when doing home renovation

Carrying a home renovation is everyone’s dream, especially if you bought an old house. But sometimes you can encounter expensive inconveniences that can ruin your budget. For instance, inconveniences like termite infestations can be corrected through a termite treatment. Here are other four potential inconveniences to plan for when doing home renovation.

1.    Outdated Wiring and Plumbing

Plumbing and electrical wiring problems are popular in older houses. Prior to the 1960s, galvanized pipes were utilized in the sewer lines and houses as well. But these pipes corrode with time and get clogged easily. Hence, during plumbing, you will need to replace them with copper or PVC. On the other hand, old wiring can be a safety hazard. Therefore, it requires being brought up to code. For instance, when upgrading the bathroom, you might need an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel.

2.    Unsafe Materials such as Asbestos and Lead

If you are leaving in an old home, there is a high likelihood that the paint has lead while the flooring, HVAC system, roofing, ductwork, and popcorn ceilings have asbestos. When these materials are cut or scrapped, they can be dangerous. Hence, you will require testing for these materials before renovation. While you can do a lead test by yourself, you will require hiring a professional to test your home for asbestos. If they are present, they will need to be removed before you renovate.

3.    Unavailable Materials

Older houses were built to different building codes and standards compared to modern houses, as well as different materials. Doors were narrower, rooms smaller, and bathtubs were smaller too. If you are looking to maintain the old character of your house during the upgrade, it might be hard finding the materials that were used to build the house. If you find them, it might be expensive as your process might be more of a restoration than a renovation.

4.    Bad Renovation

An older home is highly likely to have been renovated a couple of times before. During these previous renovations, you might find that they were done with no disregard for the home’s structure. For instance, you might find that water pipes for an extra bathroom were ran exposed via other rooms instead of hidden spaces like inside walls. Many are the times that these issues are only discovered during renovation. Hence, be sure to have a contractor who can do the bad renovation.


Being ready for these inconveniences will ensure that your renovation remains on track and that your budget has provided for such issues.







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