DNA testing for genetic defects in children


The focus of this paper is to provide an analysis of the two specific uses of DNA testing besides testing for genetic defects in children. The paper further looks into the location and structure of DNA in the human body. This is followed by a concluding paragraph that summarizes the analysis.

Two specific uses of DNA testing besides testing for genetic defects in children

DNA testing is essential for the determination of several medical procedures. The case study indicates one of the uses of DNA testing which in this case is used to determine the genetic defects of an offspring. DNA testing was introduced to the world of medicine to make the medical procedures more efficient, reliable and effective. One of the uses of DNA testing besides the search for genetic defects is the determination of a parent. Children are created through the formation of chromosomes from both a male and a female. The offspring thus has traits of both the father and the mother. These traits are reflective of a portion of their character traits of both parents. Some children are born to parents who may not be present in their life for one reason or another. These children are faced with the possibility of not finding their birth parents due to lack of scientific evidence. One of the significant roles of DNA testing is to determine the parent of a child. The results of the tests are 100% effective making it one of the most reliable and trusted procedures (Hart, 2002).

Another reason for the use of DNA testing is to determine the match in body fluids such as blood and semen in the human body. Each individual is unique in that they have a genetic composition that identifies with their body fluids. This procedure is ideal when testing the blood content of a human being. It is thus essential in criminal law where individuals have to prove their innocence by taking a DNA test. People whose fluids match the one of the suspect face the possibility of facing charges by the states. Most of the cases that DNA testing is used are cases like rape or murder. The DND testing is thus an ideal part of a human beings life. It is difficult to determine the whether traces of an individual’s DNA is in another person’s body. DNA testing is thus responsible for solving some of the most complex crimes in the country. It is thus determining factor in an identity of an individual.

Describe the structure and location of DNA

The DNA is described as a molecule in present in the body of a human being. It is responsible for the formation of chromosomes in human beings. The structure is made up of hydrogen atoms that form the part of the body. The molecule is spiral in nature thus making it have a distinct shape. The strands are composed of sugar phosphates that cover the entire molecule. The molecule has in place a nucleus like any organ in the body. This is the central part of the molecule which connects to the entire structure. The DNA is located in the structure known as chromatin. The chromatin is reflective of the structure of the chromosomes in the body

(Watson & Berry, 2004).

DND is formed from the process of cell division otherwise known as mitosis or meiosis. These two processes display the activity of the split of cells into more districts structures in the body. During the activity of the splitting of cells, the body experiences the presence of chromosomes in the area of the cell division. This is credited to the role of the chromosomes in the formation of a new cell. Each cell is equipped with a genetic structure that houses the DND of an individual’s body. Chromosomes are made up of DNA and proteins. These two functions form the basis of the genes that account for the character of human beings.

The DNA structure is presented in form of a code which contains different traits. These structures cannot be seen by the naked eye due to the microscopic nature. The nucleotides of the DNA content combine together to form one structure. This is complimented by the activity of the phosphates and sugars present in the body. The overall composition of the structure forms the content that determines the actions, characters and behavior of a human being (Pfeifer & Ovid Technologies, 2006).


The DNA sample technique is one of the significant processes in medicine. Most of the procedures conducted in present day are in need of the DNA content of an individual. People intend to find out their composition are assisted by sampling of their blood. This is ideal for the determination of a birth defect, the determination of a relative and the treatment of some conditions. The conduction of this process should thus be encouraged so as to educate the public of DNA testing. This will further improve the medical situation in the entire country.









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