Discrimination in China and its effects to the people


Growth and development in various communities are hindered by the issue of discrimination. Many leaders often discourage and talk about it, but the problem is that it is not practical rather a debate, which is theoretical. The most common forms of discrimination are through economic status, tribe and race. The latter is different from the currently existing forms of discrimination. It is usually not easy to notice discrimination because lately, the dimension it has taken is completely different. To make matters worse, this form of discrimination is often highlighted and seen in various different areas (Hyde, 2005).

This paper seeks to give an analysis of gender discrimination in China; the reason why it is considered a problem and how it can be solved.

The issue of discrimination in China

Gender discrimination is most times associated with women and this is not an exception to China. This is a problem that has been taking place for a long time. The world’s largest population is found in China, and women are half of this population. This means that the development and economy of China depend heavily on them. Also, there is a need to ensure that gender equality exists. For a long time, women were not awarded the respect and privilege they deserved in society. In turn, they were discriminated in many ways by their male counterparts. On the other hand, men have enjoyed their lives, as nothing seems to prevent them from developing. An example of discrimination against women in China is when a young woman, who gave birth was fired from her job. The reason for being sacked was because it had been claimed that she had violated her employer’s policy concerning pregnancy (Hyde, 2005). To make matters worse, there is a Chinese policy whereby, women are meant to give birth to only one child. The case went to court and favor on her side whereby, she could not be fired on the grounds presented. China is making progress in an attempt to outlaw gender discrimination.

Most women in China were poor and uneducated, while the men went to school and took care of their families. Up to today, discrimination against Chinese women takes place even in the United States. Recently I witnessed a case whereby, a Chinese man violently assaulted his wife. When people tried to stop him, he claimed that his actions were allowed in the culture of the Chinese people. The issue of gender discrimination should be known as its impact can greatly affect China immensely (Hyde, 2005).

The problem of gender discrimination has been addressed effectively by the government of China. Currently, the government is ensuring that gender equality exists. This is because it seeks to ensure that women are represented in sectors such as legal, economic and those, which are administrative. In the year 1995, in Beijing, there was a conference by the United Nations. It was meant to ensure that the world became involved in matters related to the development and gender equality. Changes are being made in the legal system so that it accommodates women. Social awareness is aimed at ensuring that all the populations in China are informed about the benefits of gender equality. In conclusion, the issue of gender discrimination needs to be addressed further, until a solution, which is permanent is found. It should be known that women have the same capabilities and rights as women (Hyde, 2005).




Hyde, J. (2005) .The Gender Similarities Hypothesis, American Psychologist, 60, 6, 581–592.







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