Dell company detailed analysis of its management

Dell is a company that was first incorporated in 1983 by Michael Dell while he was a student at the university. The owner started to upgrade the system as a university student and his main mandate is to ensure that in its introduction of the business in the IBM, it will help in addressing business issues and improvement in the level of technology.

Since its introduction into the business industry, the firm has taken a greater portion in the advancement of the business and technology with the main mandate of this business is to transform the business into a technological world and attain efficiency in the management. Since its inspiration, the firm has also taken a greater role and its main aim is the development of various strategies that are geared towards ensuring that the business stands and grow in the technology industry.

In the first year of incorporation, Dell has various strategies that it had adopted and its incubation stage leads to a $6 million as the revenue for that year. As the business advances, there are several changes that were made by the owner so as to ensure that the business grows and reach its desired goal. In the year after incorporation, the management had a plan to change the strategies that had been adopted by the previous management. In its second strategy adoption, the firm realized a profit of $70 million upon its level of incorporation. With this increase in the firm’s profitability index to more than 13 times from the year of incorporation, then it leads to confidence building in the side of the management. Since its inception, there have also been various changes that have taken place with the attainment of objectives using different business approach and strategic alternatives.

Dell has continually registered positive profitability not only as a Laptop selling company but it has also ventured into other technology development plans that have helped in enhancing sustainable growth as a business in the industry

Vision statement

The vision of the company is to become an undisputed leader in the planning industry that offers computer peripheral through having a  display that is unparalleled and excellence in customer services and quality attainment with the products.

The above vision statement is deemed to be parallel and correlated with the objectives of the company. That is to be a high producing company in terms of offering quality and improved computers services and peripheral products in the technology industry

This vision is also deemed to be a key motivator in the attainment of business goals and attainment of high-quality customer referral in the industry

Mission statement

The mission of the company is to establish and maintain consistent customer services through embedding quality aspects in the business process.It is also consistent with the objectives as it helps in attainment of quality standards and measures towards having an improved customer service.

In this report, various plans will be discussed and a conclusion with regard to the company strategic fit will also be offered.


Finances are one of the most important aspects of the business as it acts as a motivator towards the attainment of both short term and long term objectives of the company. There are times in the strategic plan of Dell where the business needs more funds as a result of the adopted strategies and at the same time, there are instances where the pan also needs to be expected.

Turbulence is expected in the financial times of the business but the strategic option needs to be developed in order to mater the financial challenge. Dell as per the financial report is deemed to depend greatly on debt financing and at the same time equity financing. Financing the business cannot also depend on the debt and equity financing but it is also financed by the earnings that are retained after the distribution of dividends to the shareholders.

In the year 2018, the financial plan indicates that the following investment was made during the financial year. That is, the financial plan of the year shows that an allocation of $3.389 Billion each year in the financial year. This lead to an increase in the financial sustainability of the company and it improves the way the business takes its operations in the industry

In making this allocating, the firm had a plan of investing in artificial intelligence which is one of the business strategies. As technology advances there is also a need for the business to develop and meet the ever-changing business environment

This plan of artificial intelligence will help in changing the human-related task in the industry to computer-related task with the control of artificial robotics.With this plan, the management have ALS allocated the funds in the year to ensure that the firm meets its strategic plan of 2020

The first financial plan of 2013 of the company was rolled out by the management to ensure that it attains its mission and vision as set by the business. In 2020, the management has a greater desire to attn. and improved level of technology with the aggregate 10 times more than hat has been attained in the previous years.

Amongst the 10 times goals includes becoming a more ambitious technology industry and attain artificial intelligence in its financial sustainability. Amongst the factors to be created in the system is the use of debt and equity financing in the attainment of these goals.

In the reduction of greenhouse emission, the management has also taken an initiative of increasing the level of allocation and enhancing a 50% operations in the logistics system. It is also geared towards having sustainable environmental issues by offering the best strategic capabilities and value addition in the community by reducing the emery intensity and increase the product portfolio. Dell is also committed to reducing its materials that are used in the packaging of the system with the main sustainability of 100% packaging pf sourced materials,(Liang, 2002).

In attaining this, the report shows that 65.1 million dollars have been located by the business management in ensuring that there is an increased level of growth in the system. It also shows that in the financing of this strategy, the management during the year made a floatation of new shares in the industry through the issue of prospectus. Its main aim is to raise additional capital that needs to fiancé the operations, (Plan, 2020).

In the year, shares valued $ 384 million whereas issued it the key aim of increasing the value and reducing the liability as this is a less risky form of financing. Long term debt amounting to $ 45,839 million was also borrower with a rate of 10 % as the cost of financing.

In meeting the firm objectives, it is also a need to the management as indicated by the plan that the introduction of new technology that is internet on things in the artificial intelligence will help in mitigating the risk that is associated with the business

In financing the strategy, the company has two stated options. That is the sale of shares through floatation and debt financing

Debt financing

Debt is a risky form of financing as in its nature, it attracts interest as the return. In this instance, it shows that the main rationality of the management is to ensure that this financing needs to be made as it can be acquired easily. To finance the social supply and IT infrastructure, the management has also made an allocation of 32% of the debt financing of the year so as to finance the strategy,(Cheng, 2014). Therefore since dent financing has a risk to the business, the 10 % will be deducted from the profits of the company with its main speculation that the firm will also have increased revenue at the end of the financial year.

Looking at 2020, 50% of the facilities in the logistics and operations have also a 50% allocation of the debt. This shows that in the allocation of the materials, it will help in attaining firm sustainability and enhancing environmental protection. In this case, the financial plan to be financed by debt includes the following:

  • Reducing the environmental impact on firms operations
  • Drive social and environmental responsibility in the responsibility in the industry and in the firm’s supply chain management
  • Customer reduction of environmental impact through the use of IT infrastructure
  • Promotion of technology roles in addressing the environmental challenges

In this case, the allocation made is for the improvement of the environment and the end rationality is to ensure that the system works for the betterment of the society and the total environmental impact. In other words, dent financing is allocated in the planned strategies that are expected to add value to the environment. It has been allocated to add value to the consumers as this will increase their buying capability and it will also promote the industry.

Equity financing

Other strategies that have been adopted by the system is the use of a strategic plan to raise capital from the investors through floatation of shares and issue of prospectus. Out of this strategy, it indicates that the management has taken a greater role in financing its operations by issuing new shares in the market. Since Dell is a publicly incorporated company, issuing shares in the public market that is it’s listing partner has also helped the company in raising the additional finances,(Liang, 2002). This finances as per the plan will be used in addressing the following environmental issues:

  • Waste management using an effective waste management system
  • Recycling compostable knowledge
  • Partnership building
  • Expansion strategies

In this strategy, the rationale of the business here is to ensure that all the needs in the market have been addressed and thus increasing sustainability. Shareholder takes rhea initiative of making the contribution in order to finance the strategy. 70% of the start that has been made by the company is to ensure that there is growth in the strategic capability of the business. Adopting this mode will help in increasing sustainability in the business. Equity financing that is through floatation of shares will only attract dividends as a return on the investment. It will also reduce the tax liability of the business

Conclusion in the financial planning

Other than the discussed form of financing to cover the projects given, it indicates that the main rationale of the business to attain result leadership and be a business leader in the market. It also shows that with the strategy, that is the financial planning, issuing debt financing will help in tax shieling as this is an allowable expenditure. In as much as this will reduce the profitability of the company, there is also a desire that the management will utilize more of the debt financing so as to reduce the red tape processes that affect the financial obligations in the business.

Equity financing is a less risky form of financing. It will also lead to an increased level of asset utilization but the end strategic goal is to ensure that the business meets its level of financing.

Leverage and gearing ratio also need to be maintained at a rate of two so as to help in retaining the solvency capability of the company. It is also a call them with the positive performance of the company, attainment of business success can only be made possible when there is an increased level of profits and environmental impact.

Using an environmental saving model will also help the business to grow and this will increase the value of the business not in terms of finances but in the attainment of corporate social responsibility.


The success of every organization is to ensure that there are growth and sustainability in the business. Creating a market will not only help in addressing marketing issues but it is also geared towards developing a system that is acceptable within the society,(Duncan, 2008). Having a marketing plan as an organization is geared towards improving the number of users of company products and at the same time, it will help in sustaining the business environment.  With dell, its main vision statement is offering quality and delivery a customer service that is timely and protection of the consumers.

In this case, the marketing plan as per the strategic plan of 2020, it shows that the following strategies will be used by the company to launch and carry this flagship process:

Use of corporate social responsibility

Through environmental protection, it is the role of the business to ensure that its growth work within the growth of the business. In this case, it shows that adopting the strategy will act as a gearing process to integrate the goals in the society needs? Therefore when the company stands in a position of embracing the society needs, there is also a high chance the firm will stand in a chance of having high sales revenue it the use of the given market

It also shows that having embraced the society needs, there is also a high chance of the company in partnership with the IBM to increase the adoption of environment-related issues that will increase the viability of the business.

It also leads to innovativeness in the system as its main mandate is to ensure that the business grows and the environmental theology will also be used by several other industries in meeting their social needs

Partnership strategy

Another strategy that has been employed by the business is the partners with other organizations. It is through this partnership with the IBM and Google Company that has also created awareness of the company. Several counties have also developed environmental protection bodies with its main aim of ensuring that the business success and attain its main business goals. Partnership with these companies act as a source of revenue and at the same time, it has also increased the level of business sustainability. Through the process, there have also risen technology and innovativeness strategies that have been utilized by the company to create a market

Through exhibitions and shows

In the attainment of this goal, the company have also engaged in different flagship projects that include trade fairs and shows exhibitions.  In this shows, it has utilized the capability of the participants with innovative knowledge and has conveyed them into business solutions.

In these exhibitions, there have also arisen chances that have helped in creating strategic fit and strategy utilization in the business. It is through this exhibition that the company have also nurtured various talents and goals have been attained as innovative ideas have improved the development of the company.


Dell has introduced a direct relation between the market leaders in the general public with its customers. This company has enhanced broad and large development of resources and satisfaction of customers. This made Dell the best seller in the region as an international front.

The manpower experience with enabled visionary leadership and with the direct management under the company leader. This has attracted confidence from the public with a notion that greatly surpass other competitor companies in the market. This has made the public figure to regard the company with a more competitive advantage due to its market power compared to others.

Dell has boosted the market confidence. The company has always lowered the retail prices for the convinces of consumer products. The choice for direct marketing model to be used in trading with the customers has been used for enhanced service delivery to the customers as a strategic planning procedure for the consumers. To its merit, the company became a success in the first year’s sales. This because of both a major driver and a motivating factor in the company operations.

The company has achieved an advanced technological use in a very competitive market. The technological boost that increases the speed, accuracy and the efficiency of the company has enabled it to register greater profits and defeat its competitors in the market. For technological purposes, the company has undertaken the carbon neutral and the efficiency of energy activities to assume the role of leadership in the conversation of environmental efforts.

Deliberately, the company has surrounded itself with competitive markets as a structure, especially in the ICT sector. The many affiliations and the partners in resource acquisition give dell the place for growth and the upward timely trends of the company. This boosts its international markets and the ability to partner with other competitive partners in different regions.

The company possess a very organized way of viewing its resources as a tool of assessing, measuring and determining the company’s strength in accordance with the resource strategic disposals, growth and expansion. In this manner, the new entrants in the market face a very high restriction and competitiveness in the market due to the enhance exiting dell company that creates the substantial situation of the services and the offered products. This dominant company has continued to maintain a competitive advantage for both the long terms and short terms.

The company goals and the policies that are used have maintained the market’s leading role for the manufacturers and the provision of the internet in the globe. This company has sought out to maintain the customer base that is vast and at an international level by providing the products that are of high quality and have the ability to satisfy the customer.

Through this trick, the company has been a blue to maintain the leadership in the market and thus has realized its objectives, their measured and adhered to policies of the company.

Any strategic approach employed in any company helps in the enhancing of process productions and it dictates and directs the processes of the company productions to help incline the market to the company service provisions. For the goals to be achieved, the company has insisted and concentrated in the control system both inside and outside of the company. The internal system soft control helps in ensuring that the dell products met the required standard of production and it meets the system of control driven by the government to satisfy the required standards. To help in realizing this objective, the products to be produced must be of high quality to the customers. According to the company, when the control system and the quality management from the stakeholder are maintained and followed very well, the staff will work under leases supervising and distractions, rather the workers will operate with great motivation with fewer tensions and limitations when finances are investigated for analysis soar auditing.

The functions behaviours of management in dell are highly encouraged to help in ensuring that the stakeholders govern the execution of responsibilities well and with great professionalism and enhanced diligence by the workers. The company experience dysfunctional behaviours often when the company is undergoing training and new learning especially among the top managers that are involved in transformation and manipulation of the company processes.

The dell company make good use of the SWOT analysis to determine its process in the organization and beyond its service and product provision. The SWOT analysis helps in the formation of the organization’s examination of the factors that affect it eat re positively or negatively. The analysis helps the organization to determine the best strategic approaches to use in the competitive market maximization of its profits. As well, the company will determine the strengths and the weaknesses that affect the opportunities and the threats that influence the surroundings of the Company. Through the SWOT analysis, the company is able to know the strengths they are enjoying and the weaknesses that need to be strengthened over time.

The company often develops and evaluate its control systems that have been adopted with the aim of making them efficient and increase its profitability by expanding the development of the product. The control systems guar tee the regulation and the monitoring of the processes for implementation of the proper management strategies to help in the decision making processes by the company.

Dell Company has obtained the independence of the management system control that has helped in guaranteeing the serration of the departments that the company has. This practice is carried out so frequently to help confirm the praises to the efficiency and delivery of services to the customers. This independence of the control systems helps also in capturing the market and the customer’s satisfaction and convince. Based on the shortcomings and the experiences, the control systems and the quality systems have had a direct impact on the operations of the dell company. Therefore making the dell company become effective in the management and succeed in the market maximization and profit-making invalid source specified.

Dell company leadership strategies

Dell Company has invested in training its staff and improving the working environment; the company has offered the working team the possibilities of training and the growth of the professional practices. This helps in giving the chances to the right people the ability to develop themselves and hence make the business to grow. The organization of the group activities helps in reinforcing the team and improving the work environment to help make the difference in its competition niche.

The company leadership is accessible; this helps in extension of the option of planning the office to help everyone to communicate and see the other staff in their best working abilities. The company is never isolated from one another with everyone is able to communicate and make the comments they feel will help the company.

The company management has cultivated strategic leadership over time; the strategic leadership helps in overcoming the challenges of Dell Company over the long term. The leadership strategy helps in focusing more resources on the most basic needs of the companybased on the future thoughts of improving the company.

The leaders in this company have learned the art of anticipation and learning; this helps the leaders become alert and anticipative when new circumstances are to be analyzed in the environment. This has helped this leader to detect the opportunities and the threats quickly before they affect the company progress. They are able to take advantage of the opportunities that they find and prepare themselves for changes in the courses of action.

Dell company leaders have the ability to explore more portions. The strategic leadership that seeks to explore the alternative series while making the decisions on an everyday basis. This helps them in becoming flexible and ready in solving the issues and avoiding some of the issues that easily arise due to the actions done knowingly or unknowingly in the organization. This helps in informing self on the thorniness of the perspectives and the decisions help in forcing the position. If anyone makes a mistake, the ability to explore options will help them in reconsidering their actionsInvalid source specified.



In conclusion, it can be summarized that the success of the business greatly depends on the strategic capabilities that have been developed by the business. It is out of this financial plan, marketing plan, business leadership strategies that the firm has attained its goals. In making the plan, it shows that the ultimate goal of the business leader is to ensure that the firm adopts various strategies that are geared towards embracing technology.

Being a business leader does not mean being in the forehead in leading a business team but it means being a team player in various aspect of the business. With Dell, business leaders will be attained by the increased growth of its leveraging standard, having leadership skills in management, being a cost-effective company and above all embracing the conservation of the environment.

It is therefore concluded that managers will attain this goal when the shareholders and bondholders contribute to financing the project.

Creating awareness will help increase the business viability and this will help in the management of the company in various aspect of the business.It will create more customer base and this will increase its business sustainability and increase in revenue.



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