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Introduction. 1

Launching a new website, product or service. 1

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 2

Build awareness and reinforce attributes. 2

Drive traffic. 2

Reinforcement of brand loyalty. 3

Brand extension. 3

Generate effective ideas for an effective advertisement. 3

Increase membership. 4

Initiate trial/create interest. 4




In Consumer purchasing patterns, the relatively young discipline of marketing is related to as psychology, anthropology, economics, sociology, especially when it involves consumer behavior and motivation. One thing that stands out clearly is the convergence of disciplines.  has built lots of its popularity around the gaming products and services. The site attracts a fan base of over 2.5 million registered members all the time. In order to maintain this growth pattern, steam-powered must understand their customer-purchasing pattern and behavior.

An effective marketing solution formulated from the customer-purchasing pattern to solve complains presented by the clients. This plan will go along away in taping into the customer behavior and thus delivering the desired results within

Launching a new website, product or service

The relaunch of a new website from To will win the target audience. This will also increase the vvvisibility of the company in this crowded market place. In this age of digital marketing, Launching a website was long overdue.   Digital presence is extremely beneficial for an upwardly mobile company considering the promises of the web. Sales volume can increase two fold with properly defined and executed digital marketing practices. For example, the company website is extremely instrumental in the success of the company because, the company sales increased by 7% after the company launched its website. This was the first step towards positive ROI. The company has also launched a number of products based on the performance of the other products in the market. Steampowered has also had an opportunity to analyze the real-time performance of its products in the market thanks to digital marketing and the marketing analytics.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

WHEN THE Company employed a number of SEO, the company never realized how much they were to gain from it. The company website must be optimized for search engines, and the number of results given is 71,100,000 within 0.07 seconds. The steam-powered home page comes at the top. This means that the company website can be accessed easily with any search engines

Build awareness and reinforce attributes

With the new website in place, the next step is to continue with awareness building efforts while reinforcing the features, qualities and benefits of the products. This can be achieved by organizing a promotional quiz to educate the clients and get instant feedback on the questions answered.

Drive traffic

Driving of traffic to is done by engaging the target audience and luring them to the site through sweepstakes and promotional daily prizes to maintain the traffic. The company has a number of online marketing strategies. While increasing traffic to the company’s website the rough advertisements is one way, the company also uses backlinks in its website so that when one views a proxy website; they are moved to the company website automatically. In this way once people get to the company’s websites, they get to view all the offers that the company has in store.

Reinforcement of brand loyalty

A client will consider coming back to the steam-powered site when the reward program is in place. A reward does not necessarily mean free products and services; it can be in the form of a unique product, which later translates brand loyalty. The company has uses a number of loyalty schemes to maintain their customer base. This is a way of recognizing the contribution of the customers to the company and what they mean to the company as a whole. The company realizes the importance of both loyalty schemes and corporate social responsibility, which are the surest ways of giving back to the community.

Brand extension

Employing an excellent brand extension is a key strategy in marketing, which uses a successful, existing and popular product brand on several products. The company has a wide range of products of which some are industry leading. For example, mortal kombat is the industry leading action game worldwide and is offered by the company as a demo version.

Generate effective ideas for an effective advertisement

Good promotions will entice and encourage customers to tell their experiences and story, in turn help, to tell their story to prospective customers. The company has employed various effective marketing strategies since its initiation. This has gone a long way in ensuring that the company has always had a steady stream of cash flows. The company has an asset of pillars that it depends on for its marketing planning and execution, marketing excellence and corporate social responsibility. These are strategies have been instrumental in the success of the company marketing strategies.

Increase membership

Increasing the number of active members is fundamental to the growth of the site and drives home the desired result. By using promotional tactics, which focus on consumer behaviors, and delivering quality benefits, words will spread around between friends about the membership program, in turn fuelling the increase in the number of members joining the site membership program. The company has increased its membership portfolio for both online gamers and buyers of contents. This has ensured that the company has a stable income going by their financials. However, it is imperative to note that the company has always been doing its research and development to deliver the latest content. They have both mc and windows installable software and games; they have games for all genres, classes and ages. The most exciting thing about the steam-powered .com is the fact that the company has a pre-purchase demonstration offer that games can purchase at particularly attractive discounts. In this way, the buyers can decide whether to buy the whole version after testing. Some of the main demonstrations offers available at discounts includes; jagged alliance, orchards, satazius, trizine 2 demo etc.

Initiate trial/create interest

In the process of a product launch, the main objective is always awareness. Apart from building product awareness, the next overriding objective is to create interest in the product and initiate trial. Giving people an opportunity to try the products freely or at half the price, if found to be desirable; members will come back for more.

The sampling program coupled with smart rebates can easily enhance the conversion on of a consumer sampling a product into a sale. Collect demographic information and get permission to use them for future marketing.  The company also applies marketing tactics to get permission from the target audience to market to the sites products to them, now and in the near future. In developing a hook, like a premium offer or loyalty program, which will compel the target audience to take notice and participate in the games. This tactic is only the overlay in this campaign. The main role of marketing is convince consumers by helping them to recognize a known brand.



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