Conflict Resolution in a relationship

In order for relationships to be healthy, the conflict has to arise at some point. In reality, people will never agree on the same issues all the time. It is vital that people learn not to avoid conflict, but rather deal and control it. The mismanagement of conflict will affect relationships in a negative manner. When people do not seem to agree on an issue, and they draw away from each other, this is a conflict situation. Most times, people may disagree over work-related matters, and it affects their relationship. For example, while working at on a project, I disagreed with my partner concerning the research methods to be used. The opinions presented by my partner were different from mine and thus the cause for conflict. I was unhappy, and stressed out about the matter; thus I choose to keep away from my partner. On the other hand, I wanted us to come to a mutual agreement concerning the research method we would use. Later on, after consultation and finding common ground, the conflict was solved. Each of us wanted their opinion to be accepted at the expense of the other. I wanted to use a Qualitative method of obtaining Data, while my partner chose to use a quantitative method. I believe that my method is far superior to the other one, which was presented. We all wanted this situation to be solved by finding a suitable research method for our project.

It is clear that we needed to find the true source of the argument that we were had. The problem is that everyone believes that their view is more superior to the other. We need to know that, in the professional world, people should not allow personal issues to affect their work performance. After talking with my partner, I found out that she held a grudge against me. The matter is not related to work, and it took place during our time away from work. We talked about the issue and concluded that the matter was personal and should not affect our work. Furthermore, we brainstormed about various research methods until we found one. The reason why the conflict was solved is due to putting our personal differences aside. The only conflict that was not solved is the personal issue, as it takes a lot of effort. Moreover, we believe that our work is vital as compared to other conflicts that affect relationships.

The success of the project was achieved because, at work, excuses and unsatisfactory work is not accepted. We had to listen to the each other’s view points as this work was a collaboration. The expectations we set were to come up with an award winning project, for our career improvement. Each of us is aware of the fact that our success is only achievable if we solve the conflict at hand. Thus, I believe that the ideal expectations of this agreement materialized.

In conclusion, I learnt that relationships can be harmed due to conflict. Conflicts should be handled in a manner that is positive and respectful. In turn, the two people will form a bond, which will encourage growth. In this case, we changed our attitudes, in order to work and to achieve success. I was extremely tolerant while talking to my partner, as the tone I used was low. Indeed, disagreements should not be the reason why people cannot make progress in their lives.





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