communication in modern way;virtual reality

Virtual reality is a form of modern communication that uses technology as opposed to traditional means. This form of education is a direct result of the introduction of the World Wide Web. This concept consists of forming a social playground with people who are not in close contact. This medium allows for a person to distance themselves from reality into other worlds that is surreal in nature. Each individual has at one point had an encounter with virtual reality due to the introduction of modern ideas such as computer games, 3D and avatars (Woolgar, p. 244).

This has thus changed the way people communicate with each other. The traditional form of communication is more engaging. It places emphasis on personal interactions which brings forth an understanding of the parties involved. Virtual reality on the contrary focuses on creating a world that fits into a certain identity. This assists individual’s form an identity to their likelihood. This identity is similar to the other characters in the world due to the characteristics they share. This form of communication has changed the dynamics of the social cultural interaction in the community as a whole. This situation continues to worsen in that people use the world to get away from the real world. This results in an enclosed society that remains indoors to socialize (Szigeti, p. 138).

Media presence simply means using a certain medium such as the internet to have a virtual experience. This is represented by an illusion that can disappear or appear at any time. Inner presence is the adaptation of a more critical virtual state that comprises of psychological personalities.

Question two (Confession and identity)

Identity is the recognition of oneself in relation to all aspects of life. Self identification is a process that does not occur in a short period of time. Individuals learn something about themselves each and every day. A person identifies themselves through their, family, culture, surrounding environment and character traits. These qualities are essential in that they influence the decisions of an individual. Identity involves accepting all these qualities as your own and learning how to work around them (Hymer, p. 91).

Confession on the other hand involves exposing these qualities to outsiders. These qualities are both positive and negative in nature. It is difficult to relate with the negative aspects of a person’s personality. Learning how to deal with this factor improves the self esteem or self worth of the person in the society. The self is a state that comprises of qualities that are separate from the personal identity. There are other factors that determine the realization of oneself. The use of confessions is one of the ways that improve the personal identity of an individual. The use of confession is essential in releasing burdens that a person may have. One of the ways of doing this is through talking to a friend, family member or a therapist.

In order for a person to improve on their identity, an individual has to take the time to learn about themselves. This can be done through a personal or public analysis. Both the confession and identity complement each other. The removal of one element reduces the growth of another. It is thus ideal for individuals to learn about their personal identity so as to improve on their relationships in the environment. Placing self identity and confession improves the rate of communication in the society and thus breaks barriers as a result (Corbey, p. 124).

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