College semester on will to change for better

Every person has a world of his or her own within the common world we live in. It is the obligation of everybody to make things successful according to their wish or dreams. We all have dreams. These dreams can only happen after visualizing our immediate positions with respect to where everyone is heading. My life in college can only change for the better through good strategic planning and the will to initiate the change. The difference that exists between successful people and others is neither lack of knowledge nor lack of strength but rather the will to change for the better.

I have to admit that in the past semesters my life and work was hardly organized but only doing things without proper strategic decisions. This is a semester of initiating change if I have to do better academically and my life after school. Initially, I used to choose a course without considering neither their importance nor my strength in them. I hardly considered academic support services as critical in my academic success. This was evident by my behavior of hardly attending to the provided tutorial services in the college. I noticed that I was waiting to seek help after seeing signs of failure. Furthermore, I hardly spared extra time for my private studies. Only later that I discovered that to perform well in academics requires three times as much efforts as I ever employed. This is especially for an ADD student as I can term myself. I hardly thought that it may take me more than the mare four years to complete my bachelor’s degree course. This thought could not cross my mind given that I spend much of my time with friends and drinking not knowing that alcohol can negatively affect my academic success. I am an ADD student and it could affect my studies twice negatively than an average student.

This semester should be a new beginning in my academic life in this college. I shall start by avoiding the academically unfriendly behaviors such as drinking and unworthy or destructive relationships. Many of my friends have to be good performers in academic and only those with a sense of academic commitment shall be part of my peers. From this point, I shall go ahead and choose those courses that would maximize my academic strength. These would include those courses in line with my degree but are much simpler when it comes to studying. I shall avoid selecting courses in accordance with what others select but according to my interest and my degree syllabus.

Apart from the choice of courses, I shall regularly attend any academic support programs especially tutorials. These would help in understanding the most difficult aspects and sections or topics in my various course units. As noticed earlier that assignments are critical in improving academic performances, I shall plan a better way of approaching each assignment. I shall never skip assignments even if they hardly count in the final mark or exam. Taking assignments immediately shall save me from late submission or failing to do them completely. Other aspects of my strategy shall include good time management for both leisure and studies. I shall also improve on the way of discussing the personal relevance of texts, the best way of dealing with stress or anxiety about my daily activities. Finally, I shall plan the adequate time of accessing the college library and the available research material. These shall be done with intensive reading, note taking, and preparation of my college exams. This way, this new semester shall be a complete success in my college academic life.



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