Children’s Literature Across Curriculum


Asian culture

Poutiainen, S. (2007). Finnish cultural discourses about mobile phone communication.

Title: Finnish Cultural Discourses about Mobile Phone Communication

Author: Saila Poutiainen

Publisher: University of Massachusetts Amherst. Communication ProQuest, 2007

ISBN: 0549330461, 9780549330462

Length: 294 pages

AGE: 12-15 YRS


Native American culture

Swann, B. (1983). Smoothing the ground: Essays on Native American oral literature. Berkeley: University of California Press.


Title: Smoothing the Ground: Essays on Native American Oral Literature

Author: Brian Swann

Publisher: University of California Press, 1983

ISBN: 0520049136, 9780520049130

Length: 364 pages

AGE: 12-16 YRS



Pritzker, B. (1998). Native Americans: An encyclopedia of history, culture, and peoples. Santa Barbara, Calif: ABC-CLIO.

This book that represents the Native American population has been documented at large with a deep description of the settlement over the centuries.

Title: A Native American Encyclopedia: History, Culture, and Peoples

Author: Barry Prizker

Publisher: Oxford University Press, 2000

ISBN: 0195138775, 9780195138771

Length: 591 pages

AGE: 13-16 YRS


Mexican or Central American culture

Aguirre, R. D. (2005). Informal empire: Mexico and Central America in Victorian culture. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press.

Title: Informal Empire: Mexico and Central America in Victorian Culture

Author: Robert D. Aguirre

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press, 2005

ISBN: 0816645000, 9780816645008

Length: 198 pages

AGE: 14-16 YRS




Hewett, E. L. (1936). Ancient life in Mexico and Central America. Indianapolis, New York: Bobbs-Merrill Co.

The traditions of the central population are analyzed based on the routine tradition of the unique population.

Title                 : Ancient Life in Mexico and Central America

Author: Edgar Lee Hewett

Publisher: Biblo & Tannen Publishers, 1968

ISBN: 0819602051, 9780819602053

Length: 364 pages

AGE: 13-17 YRS



Urban American Culture

Kennedy, L. (2000). Race and urban space in contemporary American culture. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

The author has a general opinion on the American culture to dictate on the traditions and beliefs.

Title: Race and urban space in contemporary American

Author: Liam Kennedy

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press, 2000

ISBN: 0748609520, 9780748609529

Length: 178 pages

AGE: 14-16 YRS



Barth, G. (1980). City people: The rise of modern city culture in nineteenth-century America. New York-Oxford: Oxford University Press.

The entire context has an appreciation of American history through a detailed historical timeline that addresses dominating societal values.

Title: City People: The Rise of Modern City Culture in Nineteenth-Century America: The Rise of Modern City Culture in Nineteenth-Century America

Author: Barth Gunther

Publisher: Oxford University Press, 1980

ISBN: 0199771987, 9780199771981

Length: 320 pages

AGE: 12-15 YRS


 African Culture

Ayisi, E. O. (1992). An introduction to the study of African culture. Nairobi: East African Educational Publishers.

The African culture is analyzed by the author through a firsthand encounter with the distinct tribes in Africa

Title: An Introduction to the Study of African Culture

Author: Eric. O. Ayisi

Publisher: East African Publishers, 1992

ISBN: 9966466177, 9789966466174

Length: 124 pages

AGE: 14-17 YRS



Rural American Culture

Glaser, L. S. (2009). Electrifying the rural American West: Stories of power, people, and place. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.

This book is a narration of the west American rural traditions that have been in existence since the early centuries.

Title: Electrifying the Rural American West: Stories of Power, People, and Place

Author: Leah. S. Glaser

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press, 2009

ISBN               : 080322219X, 9780803222199

Length: 304 pages


African Culture


Obiechina, E. N. (1975). Culture, tradition, and society in the West African novel. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

The book is an introduction to the West African culture and has is enriched with a documentation of the African traditions.


Title: Culture, Tradition, and Society in the West African Novel

Author: Emmanuel. N. Obiechina

Publisher: CUP Archive, 1975

ISBN: 0521098769, 9780521098762

Length: 296 pages

AGE: 13-18 YRS


The grading system of the children’s literature will be based on the available material provided by the students on the given class projects. This will be analyzed on the scale of material accountability, individual relation of the materials to the audience, and the criteria used to present the materials. This score recorded in the sheet that will evaluate the language used in terms of appropriate grammar and the focus of the children on the topic. The objective of the grading system is based on the ultimate satisfaction of the pursuit of education with full observance of the values of education.

Additional books to review would be Gezon, L. L., & Kottak, C. P. (2011). Culture. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Lechner, F. J., & Boli, J. (2005). World culture: Origins and consequences. Malden, MA, USA:    Blackwell Pub.

These books would be used to establish the basic knowledge on culture and provide the historical background of culture from a diverse angle of the world’s population. The types of grading applicable for the additional books used would be mastery grading which is effective to distinguish the level of knowledge and individual potential. A letters grading structure will be significant to determine the individual potential and overall reliability throughout the education system.



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