Bulimia, article in the Los Angeles Times



According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, by Marissa Cevello, (2011.1), people should blame their addiction to food on the brain. There are surges in the brain of a chemical nature, and they affect how people respond to their food. Furthermore, this addiction is similar to that of drugs or alcohol, and this is according to scientists. Studies done at Yale University provide borderline-personality-disorder evidence that people can become addicted to food. When the brain of women was observed, the results provided a lot of meaningful information (Cevallos, 2011.1). Cravings are governed by surging parts of the brain located in curbs that are at the centre of the brain. There are disputes, which exist concerning binge eating, and it should be classified as a psychiatric disorder. Other psychologists believe that it is should be in the same category as bulimia and anorexia. The latter is according to the diagnostic manual used by professionals. Women and Men will at one point in their lives suffer from eating disorders. The statistics for this fact is at 2% for the latter, and 3.5% for the former. This means that they will engage in binge eating, also have some of its symptoms (Cevallos, 2011.1).

The article in the Archives of General Psychiatry Journal shows that there are different brain activity patterns in healthy women and those who have bulimia nervosa. The researchers are professors at Columbia University. These findings are evident when women are engaged in self-regulated tasks. Impulsive behaviours and binge eating are known to be the cause of this abnormality (Marsh, R. Et Al, 2009.52). An automatic response in the brain of healthy people is self-regulatory. They tend to be aware of conflicting information and give it a lot of attention. On the other hand, those who have bulimia nervosa are often in a difficult position when they confronted with information, which is conflicting. They tend to have fast responses, impulsivity and likely to make many mistakes. The researches findings prove that it is easy to find a cure to bulimia nervosa, as its causes are extremely evident (Marsh, R. Et Al, 2009.52).

There are two methods, which help psychologists to know the credibility of research and articles that have been published. The latter is possible through critical thinking and the use of the scientific method. The article found in the Archives of General Psychiatry journal is credible, as well as being peer-reviewed. It has been accepted by scientists, as well as certified organizations to be true. Furthermore, research was carried out by qualified and well-learned people. In order to arrive at their conclusion, they had a group of women selected as the population to be studied. The researchers have first-hand information concerning their study and if anyone has any doubts they have the needed evidence. The other article by Mellissa is not credible as she used critical thinking, in order to persuade her readers. Furthermore, it is not peer-reviewed by any credible source; this is in contrast to the other article whereby the researchers are known. She refers to her sources as scientists, but their real identities are not known. She wants to persuade people to accept the information that she has provided. Her article is not critical because did not carry out scientific research, nor used that approach.



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