BRAVE movie media strategies involved




Media strategy is a term that is common to modern advertising that involves the communication of particular messages to niche markets. Because it involves an in depth analysis of the target market and influencing consumer behavior, media strategy has been used in the entertainment industry to pass messages regarding particular issues. Accordingly, the media strategy will be prerequisite for the promotion of the animated movie “Brave” which is yet to be released. More specifically, this strategy, as well as, all other sub-strategies entailed in the concept will be used to communicate the message of gallantry in children and young adults.



Key words: Media Strategy, Advertising, Direct Response Media, Public Relations  



Media strategy is a term used to define a marketing process that involves the identification of target audience, and the classification of the different types of media to be used in the marketing process. This concept is centered on influencing the behavior of the target markets towards the purchase of products or services. Specifically, this strategy has been exploited in the entertainment industry for the promotion of movies and other entertainment events. The animated movie “Brave” is a story about a young princess, Merida, flouts her community’s customs which results in the destruction of her kingdom (IMDB). The movie produced by Pixar uses 3D technology, and is centered on the theme of bravery and determination as a form of entertainment-education for children and young adults.  The movie “Brave” is yet to be released and for that reason requires the consideration of several media strategies so as to influence the audience to go watch the movies.

This paper examines the various media strategies that the producers of “Brave” can exploit for the promotion of their movie.


Media Strategies

Three media strategies have been identified for the promotion of this movie including advertising, direct response media and public relations. Before going into the media strategies, one must first consider the characteristics of the target audience, which will in turn assist in understanding why these specific strategies were chosen for the movie. Evidently, the target audience are children and young adults, and it will also incorporate anyone who needs a lesson or two about bravery. The main character is female, meaning that in a way the young girls will also be the central targets of the movie. Set to be released in June 2012, the movie,  therefore requires the best thought out media strategies, as children are estimated to have closed school for their summer holidays, hence providing a larger audience.

Advertising has been identified as the first media strategy that will incorporate both print and online media for the persuasion of audience to watch the movie “Brave” (Graydon 2003). Examples of advertising activities that can be employed for this movie include posters, online advertisements, and print media advertisements.


Direct response media for the promotion of the movie will incorporate marketing for an immediate response from the target audience (Kern 2001). This strategy will not only create awareness of the movie, it will also engage the audience in various activities that are concerned with the movie. Examples of direct response media activities include TV commercials which might include McDonald’s and Happy meal about the movie, winning a trip to Disneyland, winning tickets to see the movie or winning toys of the characters.


Conclusively, public relations as a media strategy will incorporate the promotion of goodwill between the production company and the target audience and will incorporate activities that allow the meeting of the production crew with the audience(Seitel 2007). Examples of public relations activities as media strategies for the movie include,  movie toys in Disney stores & ‘real’ characters event in stores,  ‘real’ characters in Disneyland parade, movie game, as well as, contracting fruit juice companies to promote the movie.




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