Born This Way by Lady Gaga song analysis

Born This Way by Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga in her Born This Way song embodies a theme on sexuality specifically embracing the LGBT cohort in the US, which has faced prejudice for many years. Her message is that they should not be ashamed of who they are “don’t be a drag just be a queen”. She points out that everyone is special no matter who they are and what their background is; “No matter gay, straight, or bi, Lesbian, transgendered life I’m on the right track baby I was born to survive” For a long time, the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, And Transgender) community has made significant progress in fighting for their rights. Although there have been a lot of arguments concerning the universal acceptance of the various member groups of the LGBT cohort, Lady Gaga is among the renowned figures that have embraced the developing community ( Web).


Lady Gaga makes use of ethos in her Born This Way song. However, to the perception of most catholic youth the affirming message on sexuality in Born This Way “a different lover is not a sin” is amenable. The actual theoretical effect of her work is inherent not on her lyrics on sexuality but her courage to proclaim it. As indicated in her recent video clip and her Born This Way lyrics “I/m beautiful in my way Cause God makes no mistakes” her authenticity ethos implores her to say it.

Lady Gaga’s patho’s in her tours to promote Born This Way evoked grimy in white paint and speckled with yellow, blue and red. She asserted that this was about yearning and filling a void.  This is evidenced in the lyrics of Born This Way where she directly addresses people who are LGBT and tells them to accept who they are as far as their sexual orientation is concerned “Don’t hide yourself in regret Just love yourself and you are set.”

According to Gaga, the nexus and soul of the record Born This Way belong to the idea that it is not a must for someone to be born in one given moment (Shmoop Editorial Team Web). “Oh there ain’t no other way Baby I was born this way.” From birth, individuals have a choice to transform themselves to what they have always desired to be in life. This implies that what people are at birth in their sexual orientation is not necessarily, what they will be in their lifetime (The Vigilant Citizen Web).

In Born This Way she suggests that the birth of a person is infinite rather than finite. “My mama told me when I was young we are all born superstars” It is for that reason that Gaga was born as an artist with a variable identity of an outsider transformed and a monstrous-lady. Although her given birth name is Stefanie Germanotta, the ensuing celebrity label Lady Gaga creates the idea of the name and vision she had for herself. According to her, the name Lady Gaga is not artificial but represents who she is. Accordingly, the creativity, glamour, and fashion surrounding the Lady Gaga depict her birth identity (Shmoop Editorial Team Web).

During the 90s and early 2000s, the LGBT cohort in the USA suffered prejudice both in the communities where they lived and in public places. This is because cross-dressing, transsexual, transgender individuals began to appear more frequently in the mainstream media and most of the TV programs exhibited their negative side rather than their positive side. However, by the time Gaga made it big with her music, prejudice against the LGBT community had started reducing though in some parts of the US public it was still high for instance in colleges, and parts of the political class as well as conservative families who alienated them on cultural and religious grounds. She particularly addresses religious believes in Born This Way by saying “I’m beautiful in my way Cause God makes no mistakes”

By 2010, the likes of CNN were confidently celebrating those celebrities that reinforced the bending of gender. However, Gaga changed to be a separating character, since some people hate her while others adore her. Apparently, some of those who hate her do not like that she embraces transsexuals, gender-bending, and gay men. In addition, her obvious irreverence, particularly in regards to Catholicism (the religion her parents raised her in), offends most people. For instance, she asserts “In the religion of the insecure I must be myself respect my youth” However, there are multitudes of people particularly the youth who hold on to every word that Gaga says on Twitter and beyond.

Lady Gaga’s action in Born This Way openly and courageously speaks in favor of homosexuals a sensitive topic in the US that cost the political life of many politicians. She further suggests that the frameworks of the society need not to change but should be flexible and considerate. She asserts: “Give yourself prudence and love your friends” Her campaign focuses on reforming the society. She encourages society to embrace what they have for a long time considered “outsiders” into their circles and make them accept themselves just as they are. Certainly, this song represents the transformation of thoughts regarding sexuality.

The latter setting of the video is entirely contradictory to the very first one as the pink triangle is now facing upwards. This suggests that the gay rights movement has adopted the Nazi symbol and then reversed it. From an occult point of view, the triangle that is facing upwards is the reaction to the reversed triangle and indicates the completion of the alchemical process. It signifies the joining together of the inverses and the mythic transformation of sexuality as depicted in her Born This Way lyrics “a different lover is not a sin”.

Symbolically, the beginning of the music video has the suggestive signs of the pink triangle facing downwards (The Vigilant Citizen Web). The Nazi groups used these symbols to describe homosexual males. The very same symbols have become a depiction of gay rights and gay pride. From an occult viewpoint, triangles that point downwards are classic signs that denote the consecrated female. This is because; the upturned triangle is symbolic of the womb, the uterus, and the vessel. Inside it is a unicorn that is a prehistoric mythical figurative creature of spiritual enlightenment, purity, and fierceness. Frequently, people view the horn on the unicorn as representation of the union with God. Consequently, the unicorn inside the symbolic womb illustrates the unicorn awaiting its birth. In addition, the concept of purity that the unicorn brings out implies that the birth is a perfect conception since this celestial pregnancy does not need any sexual relation (The Vigilant Citizen Web). This frame of reference is essential as it summarizes the idea of the entire video “Baby I was born this way”.

Notably, the LGBT umbrella represents an extensive and diverse group of people. This means that it is difficult, if not impossible, to use one reference to sum up their diverse musical and artistic tastes. So, it follows that although the LGBT community was not necessarily looking for a uniting front-woman as Lady Gaga, a lot of lesbians and gays have embraced Gaga’s Born This Way hit song as their own. Obviously, the song expresses gay rights. Whether a person can or cannot be “born gay” has been a topic that has been a subject of heated debate both scientifically and politically. If gay people are born this way, then the argument is that it is okay to be gay because the person cannot do anything about this. She makes this clear by saying “I’m on the right track baby I was born this way”.

While some people criticize Gaga for her support of causes on gay rights, no one can convict her for not supporting these causes. In comparison to other celebrities, Gaga has the track record of walking the talk. Gaga has gone public with speeches supporting gay marriage rights and criticizing anti-gay-rights laws. In 2011, she made an exclusive deal with “Target on”, an exclusive version of Born This Way. However, later, she backtracked and canceled the deluxe deal when she realized that the company had previously made political donations to anti-gay candidates. She indeed asserts herself through her actions when as exhibited in her Born This Way lyrics “I must be myself, respect my youth”.

Toward the end, Gaga’s profile emerges out as an honor to Jackson’s song, “The Way You Make Me Feel”. She sheds tears at the subsequent expression of the triangle frame as the inside the triangle represents her figure resting above the unicorn. This suggests her passion and obligation in advocating for the privileges of the LGBT community.

The lesbian and the gays have for a long time not been treated equally by the communities around them. There has been wide spread stigma linked with homosexuality in the USA. This has resulted in a number of gay and lesbians hiding their sexual orientation to avoid negative reactions from others. However, in Born This Way she tells them “Don’t hide yourself in regret just love yourself and you are set” Consequently sections of the LGBT cohort have developed boldness and openly declared their sexual orientation. As a matter of fact they have gone as far as demanding their rights within the society.


The stigmatization associated with homosexuality has prompted several human rights activists and other supporters who may not necessarily be LGBT oriented to advocate for the equal treatment of homosexuals. They advocate using a number of ways. Indeed Lady Gaga is one such activist for in her Born This Way song she embodies a theme on sexuality specifically embracing the LGBT cohort in the US, which has faced prejudice for many years. She does this by passing a message of individual newness implying that humans have a chance to be reborn where they transform to that which they have always desired. This is evident from the unicorn that denotes the figurative womb. Lady Gaga goes through this new transformation in the video indicating that it is possible and okay for individuals to change their sexual orientation.





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