Book Review of The Wife of His Youth

People get lost at some point in their life. It is at that point in life when one is lost, that an individual looks for familiar people in the immediate environment. It is the urge of finding familiarity or of a loved one (among most people), that often drives individuals to seek help from popular people in the society. The initiative to seek help from popular individuals in society is at times attributed to the belief that popular people know more than locals. In consideration of this factor, the story captures the attitude towards history, its effects in particular places, and the effects of the past upon the present. With this in mind, the passage tends to reflect upon the attitude of sincerity and earnestness, through the mode of expression that the wife in the story uses to approach Mr Ryder.

The attitude of a community-based environment, where people help each other is clearly communicated in the passage. The willingness of Mr Ryder to listen to the lost wife who was looking for her husband depicts the concept of shared responsibility in a community. The attitude brought forth in this passage tends to reflect upon the past where people helped one another when it came to solving both personal and community problems. Unlike the past where people displayed a sense of shared responsibility, people today rarely help one another or take the time to listen to one another’s problems. With this in mind, the passage directly communicates to the present generation on matters related to helping one another and developing a sense of shared responsibility. Despite the aspect of illiteracy bought forth in the passage through the use of poor grammar by the wife, a sense of honesty is communicated.

Realism is a concept that is clearly communicated in Liza Jane’s speech. From a reader’s perspective, one can easily note that Liza Jane’s speech explains how her life has been affected after getting separated from her husband. The entire dialect relates to realism because Liza Jane does not hesitate to inquire if her husband had been looking for her both at the church or public places. From a personal perspective, realism tends to give the listener the ability to relate to familiar events or occurrences. Mr Ryder was, therefore, able to relate Liza Jane’s story to the aftermath of war because of the realism applied through her speech.

In conclusion, there is clear evidence that the story tends to communicate the attitude of peaceful co-existence and shared responsibility among individuals of a different race. Liza Jane is brought forth in the story as a woman from a mixed race community. It is based upon the history of racial identity and the legacies of slavery that one tends to identify the Story’s attitude towards blackness or other races. In this particular passage, the aspect of self-ownership and the sense of belonging is communicated. The conversation tends to reveal that slavery often brought about separation among people who cared about each other. Hopelessness is in-tern communicated through Liza Jane’s final realization that she could no longer find her husband because of several reasons. One of the reasons for not finding her husband is that he might not want to be found. In a nutshell, it is quite clear that there are significant legacies of slavery in the 19 century among black people and mixed races compared to the white. The legacies are built upon the life-changing events that affected these races as a result of slavery.




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