Baby boy x death due to bad hospital ethics

The case of baby boy x

The case of baby boy x was hardly considered typical and for this reason, this case raised ethical issues. First, the case should have involved high skills and much involvement but this was not provided since they expected the boy to die due to his poor health condition. The cost of dealing with the treatment was also very high at $182,256 within four weeks. In this case, treatment involved high expenditure that contributed to the call for special care for the case, again adding to the cost of the case as claimed to the mother. Discussions were directed to the mother by the professional, faking their high involvement irrespective of the poor health condition in persuasion of the mother to give up. The high expenditure was broken down to investigations about the nature of the medical case, the duration of care to be provided, and the efficiency involved in handling the case but none of these was true.

The complexity of the case of baby boy x led to the raise of the importance of hospital ethics committee whose aim was to settle the conflict involved. Some staff claimed that costly hospital resources were being wasted but they were not trying their best to solve the boy’s life. This committee had to play their role in trying to solve the conflict caused in this case. They had to point out the mother’s feelings despite what the professional thought was a sense of insufficient care for the comfort of her baby box. The best solution that the committee could provide to the conflict and problems facing the hospital staff was offering education and providing necessary information on ethical questions and on the proposed policies aimed at fighting against difficulties in hospital ethics. This could have initiated by stating that the staff had an obligation of trying their based but not making assumptions on the health condition. The committee was also useful in reviewing situations of patients and their care and ensuring the staff played their part rather than sitting back to watch.

In this case, of baby boy x, the problem was widened by the fact that there were no made decisions rather most of the conversations were based on clarifications and advice. A decision would have been more serious and probably with less problems. Besides, this discussions and dialogues made decisions difficult to make. The same discussions and dialogue contributed to fear and sensitivity of the ethical case and reduced understanding between the mother and medical professionals. Undermining traditional doctors was also another contributor of the issue facing this case. Again, health care was hardly considered as a business that ensured a strict guideline in business ethics but rather a profession that hardly considered such ethics. This aspect further contributed to the issues facing the case of baby boy x.

The main solution to the issues facing the case of baby boy x seemed to be the Patient Self-Determination Act, which had been passed by Congress as a section of the Omnibus Recognition Act of 1990. This act tried to solve the issue by legitimizing IECs and socializing them in a more competent way that contributed to better hospital medical practices. There was an increase concern and resolutions that the hospital was a business that required special ethics and not just a profession that ignored such ethics. All specialist had to try all the best to provide treatment to the baby boy x.



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