ASKET use of Social Media

Given that ASKET is an online store, one of the core tools for marketing and brand promotion is social media, primarily Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. ASKET has 998 followers on LinkedIn where the company offers information about the location of headquarters, Stockholm Sweden, the number of employees, 22 and information about available job offers filtered according to the date posted, the level of experience needed and company’s department (ASKET LinkedIn Profile, 2015). Essentially, the LinkedIn social profile is more about transparency and connecting with possible future employees as well as customers.

Since creating the ASKET Facebook Page on January 8th, 2015, the company has garnered 12,473 followers (ASKET Facebook Profile, 2019). The page provides a map for locating the headquarters in Sweden, and there have been eight check-ins since 2015. A closer scrutiny of the frequency of updates and posting about their products shows a lack of consistency as exemplified by the vast gap between the May 13th 2019 update about being featured on the German daily newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung and the immediate preceding post released on May1st 2019 about the clothes essential for Spring (ASKET Facebook Profile, 2019). With every new post averaging 40 likes and less than ten comments, there is a shallow interaction between ASKET and the consumers through Facebook. However, scrolling through the Community Tab on the Facebook page shows that people often post their pictures while wearing ASKET garments and other online users give their views. An analysis of the comments indicates a good rapport between the online users with minimal involvement of the ASKET admin, a further indication of the limited use of the Facebook platform for communication and value co-creation (ASKET Facebook Profile, 2019). Given the limited number of followers for a global brand like ASKET, limited interaction on the community platform and the occasional updates, ASKET use of Facebook lacks an interactive approach that probably repels consumers.

ASKET joined Twitter on February 2015 and has thus far garnered 757 followers and released only 547 tweets (ASKET Twitter Profile, 2019). Just like the Facebook profile page, the ASKET twitter account lacks a general social appeal due to the limited number of tweets, the low frequency of updates and apparent lack of consumer engagement through retweets and replies. The most engaging tweet has been pinned on the brand’s Twitter home page and garnered just nine likes and two retweets without any responses from the customers. On average, ASKET gets an average of 50 impressions (people who view a single tweet), but only approximately ten engage the admin either through retweets, replies or redirection to the online store (ASKET Twitter Profile, 2019). A calculation of the rate of Twitter use shows that ASKET releases an average of 100 tweets per year or just one entry every three days. From such figures, it is evident that the brand is not keen on employing Twitter for marketing, consumer engagement, and the resulting consumer value extraction and co-creation.

The last and arguably, most essential social media platform is Instagram. With 44600 followers and 1148 posts, ASKET has considerably engaged consumers through the platform (ASKET Instagram Profile, 2019). Notably, the bio information which reads “#meaningfulessentials since 2015 | A permanent collection of zero-compromise garments, their stories uncovered and told” still shows the value of transparency for the brand (ASKET Instagram Profile, 2019). Of all the social media platforms, ASKET is most active on Instagram due to the possibility of visual representation of their transparency strategies and the brand image. Furthermore, through the interactive features provided for by Instagram, ASKET conducts regular Insta stories about the company updates, a tour of Stockholm production unit, and Q and A sessions. Every new post garners approximately 3000 likes, and about 50 online users engage the admins with questions such as shipping information, prices, and how to order (ASKET Instagram Profile, 2019).




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