Artwork found in the museums analysis

The first idea of art came to my mind right from the time I was five years old. I never knew what decorations existed in my room until I came to understand that some of the pictures hanging on the walls were paintings or drawings. Much of the content was brought in as an idea of my parents who could hardly live within an art free environment. I started thinking and figuring out if what represented beautiful scenery like beaches, beautiful mountains, and colorful sunset sky images were real pictures or just paintings. The idea to point out that it was the work of art was that whenever observed closely, the images were a bit blurred unlike real picture images. Real picture images have clear outlines even when looked closely. Today I could clearly point out that the hangings in my childhood room were replications of the true works of art found in the museums.


Original piece of artwork can hardly compare to the originals especially when given a close look. At some point, it may be difficult to point out the differences between an original piece of work and its reproductions. When I first saw art and developed idea that it is the work of art, I hardly thought that duplicates could exist. The originals as they may look have an immediate recon at a glimpse. One can feel the texture given that it is a painting, a drawing, or even a sculpture. The reproduction found online or in books can hardly have a sense of texture given that they only represent images of the work initially done the an artist as I later found in the museums. This clue came to my mind after looking harder into their differences, comparing what I had seen and touched in the museum with what I had seen in my room, advertisement books, and magazines. What I saw in the museum was worth the cost.


There is a handful of communication by the use of shorthand symbols with a few under the same category us8ing language. A lot is changing the current society with visual communication becoming more popular and preferred to formal or writing communication. Symbols are today popular in communicating issues as evident in many aspects of life like transportation and communication symbols that constitute road signs and clipart in text communication using mobile phones. This is a breakage from the formal ways of communication that proof to be a little more tedious than the visual mode of communication growing in popularity today. Many people today prefer watching movies based on corresponding novels to reading the novels. Kinds also play games and watch more TV than they would do it in reading stories or novels. This means that this kind of learning is gaining the same strength like the earlier teachings of reading or writing.


Every person is sensitive concerning his or her environs. A sense of location happens to be the ultimate cause of why people get concerned about beauty and all that constitutes it. To increase the awareness of people’s locations, visual tools are used and these include maps, viewings of artist’s renditions of a specified location. People could add strength to this by having to read about other people’s experiences within the same location. In this case, given that, I place myself in a certain geographical part that is unclear to me; I would try to point a landmark to the location so that next time I would be more familiar with the location. Taking picture of the place would be easier and accurate than having to remember all details. Taking picture may only create a memory about the experience but looking around more closely would be fun and would enhance my awareness of the landscape the next time I could leisure in the same place.



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