American media being biased justification


There is always a lot of controversies when it involves matters related to the media. Often, people claim that the media is biased, especially on matters that are of a political nature. Recently, attention has been given to matters on health in the United States. Two of the top American daily newspapers have focused their attention on the health issue, which has been extremely politicized. They have provided news concerning the effect of federal power due to the new law on health.

This paper seeks to give an analysis of whether there is the truth concerning the American media being biased.

Analysis of the American media and how it highlights the Health care Law

According to an article in the New York Times, American citizens are being forced by the federal government to purchase health insurance. It means that the government has a lot of power, which is being enforced on the American citizens. Criticism seems to surround the latest initiative on health care signed by President Barrack Obama. In turn, there have been numerous cases and the president’s lawyers want to find a solution to this problem. The signature provided by President Obama on the initiative on health care is being challenged. The main issue here is that when the law was being enacted, the constitutional authority that exists was overstepped. This is the reason why Congress is being challenged and the issue being taken to court in order to solve this matter.

Many conclusions have been made concerning this matter, and most especially by the countries lower courts. It seems that there is a need to have the law upheld as the government has misused its power. According to the Laurence Silberman a judge, he chose to have the law upheld. He made his sentiments heard while at the Columbia Circuit District, also at the country’s court of appeals. He believes that a line needs to be drawn to ensure that Congress knows its limits. Furthermore, uniqueness is an aspect of the market of health care, thus, it would not be possible to evade matters on the constitution. The Supreme Court does not seem likely to rule in favour of the law on health care. Also, it will not be influenced by the existing precedents as well as its implications. The article shows that the law on health care is a barrier to individual liberty attainment. People cannot be forced to purchase items that they do not need or cannot afford. This article in the New York Times is in support of the law on health care passed by Congress. I concluded this because the article gives many examples and scenarios whereby, Congress has a mandate over the citizens.

On the other hand, the Los Angeles Times also has an article regarding the law on health care. The title of the article focuses on health care, which is termed as being buoyed. It does not seem to approve the fact that the Supreme Court might make a ruling in favour of the law on health care. This is because some of the supreme court’s judges who are prominent and conservative are in its favour. For almost two years, there has been a lot of controversy regarding this issue on health care. There were twelve judges in this case and three of them disapproved of this law as imposing health insurance to all Americans as being unconstitutional. Only some aspects of the law need to change in order to make it befitting to the nation, and this is especially in Republican states and Florida as well. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will be challenged in Florida and is described as a broad and large case. The article deems that the case was handled in a democratic and judicial conservative manner. This is opposed to a radical and libertarian manner that would be more favourable.


In conclusion, there are different aspects of the case provided by the articles in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. The latter does not provide in-depth information regarding this matter on the law of health care. It does not provide the individual preferences of the judges in this delicate issue. The media, which are from different newspapers, have varying opinions. They are biased because they intend to target different populations mainly the Republicans and the Democrats. The readers of the two articles will be significantly impacted by the information that they will read. Depending on the reader’s political affiliations, they will tend to disapprove or approve on this matter. Democrats will be happy after reading the New York Times article and Republicans will concur with the other article. This shows how the American media is extremely biased and mostly in matters that are political. This is because they seek to increase their customer base depending on the political party they support. More regulations should be passed by Congress in order to dictate the information given by the media to the public.



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