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Affordable care act is divided into two main parts of legislation which are separate. These include the Affordable Care Act together with 2010 Act of Education Reconciliation and also the Health Care. There is also the Patient Protection. These acts help the American people with health security that is important in making sure there is a proper reform in the insurance of comprehensive health. These reforms aim at providing a guarantee of an additional choice, reduce the health care cost and promote the care quality as well as expand the coverage. On the other hand, it is not a must for the reforms to be accepted by all people (Obama care facts, p1). Most of the people will have different views and even ask for changes. This paper aims at looking at the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and the reason as to why ACA should not be repealed. Some of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act are discussed below.

The law of Affordable health care is put in to make sure that the insurance companies follow the rules put in place. This is to say that an individual’s coverage cannot be dropped when he or she is sick.  They are not allowed to bill an individual as a result of limits of life time. On the other hand, they are not entitled to discriminate an individual just because of a condition that is preexisting. This is unlike in the previous times when insurance companies could fail to cover an individual when he or she requires the money to take care of the bills and medicine.

The act has been in a position to increase the chances of individuals being able to obtain the affordable care. This has led to most of the Americans to be in a position of obtaining affordable health coverage. Initially most of the young people were not insured. These have also benefited from the same under their parents through a scheme called fitness plan. Earlier on these young adults were supposed to pay for themselves. The changes have made more than seventy one million people in America to benefit and have access to the services of prevention (Medicaid, p1).Few years ago only about twenty million people were able to benefit from the same.

The act also has been of great importance to the disabled. The life medical care for these people has been extended by 8 years. This can also be seen especially in the way the act has lowered the cost of drug prescription. This has made more than six million people in this case old people to save about 6 billion dollars (Healthcare, p1).  The act on affordable care has made sure that there is availability of preventive services so that the seniors attend all the important appointments such as screening and others because of having inadequate funds. There is a scheme for the seniors who are advised to save money for instance, $ 5000 dollars for every average person (Brody, p1). This is very essential especially to people who suffer from chronic illnesses as they require drugs on daily basis. Insurance companies which have been obtaining benefits from the customers will not be able to do this because the law does not allow this.

Children also are covered and there are no limits for the qualifications. There are also no dropping covers if a person is sick. This is because the customer is made to understand what they are covered for. (Jonathan and Oberlander, p1)

People with small business with few employees can be in a position to get a tax credit which enables them to offset all the costs that cover the employees. Those who have retired can also get help through the reinsurance program for early retiree. Unlike in the past when they could not be covered. This program is meant to maintain the workers and retiree health coverage (Healthcare, p2). In cases where the worker has not been insured as a result of any preexisting conditions which might have been there, he or she could join the Insurance plan called Preexisting plan.   The insurance companies cannot be in a position to cap the amount of care the worker or employer can receive during a life time or even drop the coverage as a result of mistake that might occur on the application after the employer or the worker has gotten sick.

Women on the other hand are not left out. Most of the adults below the age of 26 years could stay on the family plan of their parents. This is regardless of whether one is married or not, in school, living with the parents and so on.  Most of the plans dealing with health do not discriminate children of age below nineteen years as a result of any preexisting conditions. If one is in an insurance plan which is new, the insurance company is not supposed to charge any co pays or deductible fee for the preventable recommended services such as flu shots and mammograms. On the other hand, one could chose an OB-GYN or a primary care doctor in the insurer’s network. This is done without any referral. Those seniors in medi care drug prescription receive a discount on the brand covered on the prescription drugs as well as lower co pays in the generic drugs. One is not entitled to follow up so as to obtain the benefits.


The Affordable Care act is the best idea that has come up in America.  The act is aimed at assisting in the streamlining of the insurance industries which looked like fraudulent earlier on.  It is not easy for an individual to work for a certain company for so long and then be sent off only when he or she is not in a position to pay for their medical care. It is also difficult to see that one cannot use the money he or she has contributed for so long  just because of laws by the company which only appear whenever an individual requires to be assisted. The insurance companies will be very much responsible for the total amount of money contributed by a client as the money will be used by the client when need be. This paper has looked at the benefits accrued by the seniors, women, business men, workers, young adults among others. I therefore would support the act and recommend that it should not be repealed.

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