Advanced writing in the disciplines objectives



The term advanced may be defined in several ways including, being further on in terms of knowledge, progress, or development.  For instance, advanced studies may also be defined as, having attained a relatively late stage, for instance, a person of advanced age. Lastly the term advanced may also be defined as being in relation to the times. It would refer to, the state of being advanced in relation to perspectives on religion.

Writing may be defined as the process of forming words, symbols, or letters on a surface like a paper with a pen or other tools. Writing may also be defined as a method of portraying language in tactile or visual form. Writing systems utilize sets of symbols to depict the reverberation of speech. It may as well have symbols for things such as numerals and punctuation. Writing may also be defined as art or act of forming characters and letters on wood, stone, paper, or other material. The rationale of writing would be to record the thoughts that words and characters express or to communicate them to other people by visible signs.
Discipline may be defined as, training to operate in accordance with stipulated rules. This relates to accustoming to regular and systematic regular action. It also refers to subjection to the tenet, submissiveness to control and order. It is also an inclination towards obedience. Discipline also refers to the theme of instruction or a division of knowledge.

Advanced Writing in Disciplines

Thinking is more exciting than knowing but less fascinating than looking.  A writer requires explaining what they have discerned to the audiences. In this process, a writer ought to know and have a deep understand of what to disseminate in writing. Advanced writing is a radical and thoroughgoing idea. It provides and proposes a program for a completely new concept of scholarly literacy education, one founded on the centrality of writing instead of literature.

Definition of Advanced Writing in Disciplines

Advanced writing in disciplines entails writing assignments that are designed to introduce or present scholars with an opportunity to practice language conventions of any discipline. It also entails practicing with particular formats that are typical in specific disciplines. For instance, the engineering laboratory report comprises different information in a different format from the yearly business report. The most imperative rationale for the assignment of writing tasks in any disciplinary course is to introduce scholars to the writing and thinking of that particular discipline.

Objectives of Advanced Writing in the Disciplines

Advanced writing in the disciplines helps students in several ways. These include, analyzing and integrating the content of their course. It also helps students in providing discipline-wide context to lessons material. The students are expected to put into practice thinking proficiencies pertinent to analyses in the respective discipline. Advanced writing in the disciplines expects students to observe professional communication. In its broad objectives, advanced writing in the disciplines prepares the students for a broad array of professions in the field. Advanced writing in the disciplines is designed for scholars who are non-native English speakers. In this perspective, the focus is on acquiring control of multifarious sentence patterns as well as, regular rhetorical patterns. Reading, grammar and vocabulary activities supplement and support writing instruction.

Expectations of What Advanced Writing in the Disciplines Should Cover and Teach

The advanced writing in the disciplines program proposes to provide expository writing that would grant scholars with advanced training in writing, channeled reflection on the writing process, and opportunities to acquire useful experience in writing.  The students are expected to choose from a multiplicity of writing modules, which address the particular conventions of scholastic disciplines as well as, the practice of writing in professional workplaces. By offering meticulous instruction, and continued practice in writing for diverse audiences and in non-scholastic contexts, it would serve the students who desire to study as well as practice writing. The course would train students concerning the diverse forms of writing they may probably encounter. It provides openings to test with their writing procedures and train techniques for transforming their writing styles for dissimilar formats and audiences.  Finally, the course grants a coherence and structure for their study of advanced writing and also a tangible credential for their initiatives.

The usefulness of Advanced Writing in the Disciplines in Professional Life

It is evident that well-written materials generate positive impressions in the reader, as well as the organization. In the event that writing is purposed for routine or formal purposes, better results are achieved. For scholars who desire to be professional writers in their professional life, the merits are obvious. Research has demonstrated that many scholars find advanced writing as critical in their careers. The skills provide the scholars, once they get into the professional field, with the prospects for writing focused professional articles and reports, develop their critical thinking capabilities, and facilitate them in communicating more effectively in diverse rhetorical situations. It also helps them in competing in the job market by presenting documented verification of their expertise.


            Advanced writers have immense experience as well as high degrees of technical expertise in regard to writing professional and academic papers. The advanced writers portray excellent lingo proficiency, and consequently, they have an intrinsic ability to employ language as a perfect communication medium.





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