Adolescence Stage Changes and Experiences

Part 2

Evaluation of research

Adolescence is a biological change that occurs in the body of everybody, and people should not be annoyed towards these changes. At this stage, a teen is afraid to discuss some issues as they used to discuss before with their parents and also friends because they feel using some words is offensive and sound sensitive. At puberty, teen lead about sex and are curious to know what it takes to be adult. Change in fashion is prone at puberty, and teen is focused on what they put on. They prefer fashion which is new in town because they want to be recognized by other people as being modern and hence attractive. The aspect of fashion is toward attracting more friends. Drug abuse is mostly due to peer pressure, and when handled carefully by parents would not occur.

Teens at adolescence are more likely to seek people who would guide them on what they are going through. When no one is on their side to guide them, they may end up making wrong decisions and also have effects on the child’s relationship with the rest of the family. At this stage, this where the child ends up thinking what may be right and wrong hence developing the adult moral values. Teens are greatly stressed at adolescence since they are busy trying to create their identity in society. The sense of identity is mostly influenced by external factors like media, culture, and schools.

Part 3

Television perspective versus own experiences on adolescence

Most television shows view adolescence as a fragile stage where a teen cannot control his or her feelings and is easily moved by masses, but according to me, this is not the case. Adolescence can be handled, and it all depends on someone’s knowledge of adolescence. Many debates are being held in TV shows every week on teen engaging in the misuse of drugs. According to my experience, drug misuse mostly is due to peer pressure, and this is commonly dominated in high schools. Parents and teachers should take great responsibilities at this stage to help their students from falling victims of drug abuse. TV shows try to induce morals in teens during puberty by the use of programs that show culture, social norms and effects they one may encounter during puberty




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