How To Acquire A Property 100% Financed

While 100 Percent Financed has been on the forefront in helping interested individual venture into real estate investment, we understand that it has its fair share of obstacles. The biggest challenge that real estate investors face is access and availability of capital. While some investors fail to raise enough cash to make an initial offer, others face money constraints along the way as they try to make more investments.

Majority of real estate deals are achieved through traditional means where individuals have to set aside some down payment so that they can receive loans. However, the problem is when you don’t have the capital to put down. Nevertheless, when faced with such a predicament, investors need to get creative and identify various mean to raise or generate cash.  100Percent Financed boasts a unique formula which helps investors to jump right into the realm of real estate investing without any money.

Whether you are a budding investor who is just starting or a seasoned investor who has made a few deals and tapped out of cash, 100Percent Financed helps you to acquire properties without removing any cent from your pocket through their 100 percent financed formula; where investors get 80% financing from banks, and 20% from other people’s money (OPM)

The Formula

-80% of financing comes from banks

-20% is other people’s money

80% + 20% =100% financed

Although no bank will give you a loan without a down payment, they are always ready to finance 80% of your project as long as you have the cash ready. So, if you are tight on cash, 100Percent Financed recommends that you try generating cash from other people. This is what is referred to as OPM. Here are some tips on how to get money from other people.

Private Money

There several people who are giving their hard-earned cash to Wall Street even though they know nobody in that place. Some of them are your friends, coworkers, and relatives. So, if you spot a great deal, you need to convince those close to you to lend you some cash. Whether you will pay them back with interest or share the profit is up to you.


You can also look for investors in your local area that might not have the time to look for lucrative investment opportunities but have money to invest. You can enter an agreement to take care of the real estate side of the deal, and they supply the cash you need. You can then come up with a formula to split the profits.

Look at Your Existing Properties

Before you decide that you don’t have the down payment, take a look at your existing portfolio.  Some of your properties might have more equity than you think. The status of your current loan can provide two options. The first option is to rewrite your first mortgage and cash out refinance, and the second is to keep the first loan and get a home equity line of credit. These options will grant you access to cash that you didn’t have.

Business Line of Credit

Based on your business credentials, you can obtain a specific amount of capital which you can use to finance 20% of your real estate investment.

Final Verdict

It’s not a secret that real estate investment requires a substantial amount of capital. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t delve into real estate if you don’t have money. There are other options you can pursue and become the investor you envisioned. Using the 100percent Financed formula, you can kick-start your real estate investment journey and ensure that lack of funds doesn’t stop you from following your dream.



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