Academic Freedom In A Physical Therapy Program


The aim of physical therapy programs is to ensure that people become professional and competent as they pursue this career path. The program focuses on public engagement, service, teaching, and making sure that research on health care is advanced. Furthermore, students, alumni, staff and faculty should at all times be engaged in activities that culminate in citizenship, integrity and leadership. This means that the society is assured of obtaining the services of therapists who are extremely competent. Academic freedom is achieved when students are involved in the physical therapy program. There are many values, which are leant, and this reflects upon how they relate with other practitioners. The program focuses on communication that is open, honest and truthful. Moreover, the well being and development of students is acquired. This is due to debate and academic freedom that students are entitled to (American Physical Therapy Association, 2011).

There are many people who require the help of qualified therapists such as children with birth defects, or even elderly people with limb and joint problems. The latter are in need of specialized services in order to be on the right path to recovery. Therapists help them to reduce their pain, improve mobility, and restore function among other things. There has to be an existing relationship between health care providers and physical therapists in order for patients to recover fully. Provision of crutches, prosthetics devices, using gait training, ultra sound and electrical simulation are some treatments patients are subjected (Basson, 2010).

Physical therapy programs need to be flexible as well as allow for students to specialize in what interests them. Students should have an opportunity to specialize in areas such as pediatrics, sports, neurological, wellness, orthopedics, and cardiopulmonary. This means that there are various electives that students can choose from, depending on their preferences and career path. Also, renowned experts in the field of physical therapy should always be available to mentor the students. Moreover, the students should be offered help while carrying out their projects, specialty clinical and choosing electives that are advanced (Basson, 2010).

It is a known fact that most students who choose to major in physical therapy programs have limited choices. In turn, they are denied their academic freedom while undertaking their studies. For example, students should have choices such as athletic training and exercise physiology. They will be able to combine the mentioned majors with physical therapy in order to make themselves extremely marketable (Inverarity &Grossman, 2007). The education attained from physical therapy programs should be complemented with sport medicine or human performance training. Students should carry out their coursework in other settings apart from the usual classroom. In becoming better professionals, clinical experience is needed and should take place in various states. Many people and organizations are now aware of the fact that they need the services of physical therapists. Workers in organizations should be aware of the precautions they need to take, so as to have safe working habits. The latter has to attend specialized training programs that are conducted by physical therapists. In conclusion, a physical therapy program should ensure that its students achieve academic freedom. The students should undertake relevant courses that will make them succeed in their career also, become marketable.



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