9 Crucial Tactics for Home Security

9 Crucial Tactics for Home Security

You don’t have to hire a home security expert so that you can successfully fortify your home. For your home to be more secure, you must make it difficult for burglars to break into it.

This way, they will stop attempting to steal your valuables and head off to other homes which they can quickly attack. There are simple tactics which you can use to keep your home secure. Here are nine crucial tactics for home security.

Set Up Traps Within Your Premises

You can set up some booby traps within your home to make it more secure. These traps can quickly alert you in case an intruder walks into your home. You can utilize simple things such as bells with trip wires to set up these traps.

However, you should not set up lethal electric traps which are capable of killing someone within your home. Deadly traps are illegal, and they can also endanger your life and those of your loved ones.

Motion Sensor Lighting

You can purchase motion sensor lighting either online or from your security company. As illustrated by the Art of Manliness, using motion sensor lighting is a great way to keep off intruders.

These lights will automatically go on when they sense any form of intrusion. Since thieves prefer to operate in dark environments, they will run away for safety when these lights go on.

Many people believe that purchasing motion sensor lighting is a costly affair. This belief is false. One LED motion triggered bulb costs only $20 on Amazon.

Security Systems

Home Security Systems

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Home security systems can help you prevent burglars from breaking into your house. There are some factors which you should consider before purchasing the best home security systems.

Some of these factors are the cost, installation method, guarantee plans, and the terms and conditions of service of the home security company. Typically, these security systems come in different packages.

If you already own a home security system, you should check it frequently to know whether it is working correctly. If you find it to be faulty, you should replace it with a new one.

Block Up Your Chimneys

Maybe you feel that your life or that of your loved one is in danger, and you would like to secure your home to the greatest extent possible. In such a case, you can block up your chimneys to make your house more secure.

Someone desperate to either steal your valuables or take your life may decide to enter your house quietly using the ash-tunnel route. When you block up your chimneys, you will prevent a criminal from entering your home through it and indirectly attacking you.

Chimes or Bells

If you cannot afford to install home alarm systems, then you should consider utilizing bells or chimes. You should hang these bells inside your front door.

When you hang these bells, your mind will get used to the jingling sound that they produce when you either open or close your doors. Therefore, when a burglar attempts to break into your home quietly, the jingling sound of these bells will alert you.

Secure Your Walls

You shouldn\’t pay due regard to your walls in case you intend to protect your home from only burglaries. Burglars will always break into your house through your front doors and windows, and not your walls.

However, if some dangerous person is on a mission to kill you or your loved one; you should look for ways to secure your walls. Someone can quickly shoot you from the exterior of your home, and wooden studs and dry walls may not sufficiently protect you.

For your house to be secure, you should build it with either stone or brick. You should also leave some holes within your walls which you can use to see whoever is attacking you and retaliate.

Secure Your Windows

Most burglars will attempt to enter your home through your windows. Therefore, you should secure your windows with stoppers, security films, and burglar bars so that your home can be more secure.

Barking Dogs

Barking Dogs for Home Security

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Even if you don’t like dogs, you should have them in your home so that it can be more secure. Big dogs are much better than small dogs, but these little dogs can alert you in case of an intrusion. They are also helpful in deterring intruders.

Exotic Pets

You can use your exotic pets to scare off intruders. According to Skilled Survival, exotic pets work much better in intimidating potential intruders when compared to dogs.

For example, if someone successfully breaks into your house and meets up with a Bengal Tiger in the living room; they will not follow through with their evil intentions. However, you should use this method with caution since some wild animals may attack your loved ones.


When you use these tactics, your home will be more secure. However, if criminals still attempt to enter your home; you should quickly alert the authorities and look for ways to defend yourself, your loved ones, and your property.



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