6 Tips for assembling flat pack furniture.

Building flat pack furniture is a complex task. It is usually stressful to assemble the pieces that come with the package using the instructions and tools offered. If you miss a single detail during the process, you might have to restart or even destroy the furniture. This will cost you even more money. Here are six tips for assembling flat pack furniture.

1.    Prepare the Working Space

Assembling of the furniture should be done in the room where you want it to stay. Moving it after assembly can damage your room and the furniture as well. It can also be bulky and result in harm to your body. Moreover, create sufficient space by removing fragile items in the workspace so that you don’t break them as you assemble the unit.

2.    Unpack the Package

Open the boxes and ensure that all furniture parts have been delivered in good shape. Be keen while utilizing sharp objects to unravel the cardboard boxes. You might damage the furniture or scratch off the laminate as you unpack. You need to create a flat surface so that the item can be stable on the ground by cutting open and using the cardboard from the package. This will also safeguard your floor from damage as you assemble the furniture.

3.    Organize

After you unpack, find the parts, group items that are similar together, and be orderly as you lay them out. Flat packs contain numerous small parts like nuts, screws, knobs, cams, caps, bolts, nails, washers, cam bolts, and more. Separate these parts in cups or plastic bins to have an easy time when you need them. You will avoid the small parts from rolling away as you shuffle through the clutter.

4.    Get the Proper Tools

The majority of ready-to-assemble furniture is sold with the basic tools required for assembly. However, if your parts are more sophisticated, you might want to get the proper tools prior to starting the assembly. Most primary furniture assembly needs an adjustable wrench, Allen wrenches, measuring tape, a level, a hammer, a rubber mallet, screwdrivers, and sandpaper. Power tools such as drills with interchangeable bits and electric screwdrivers can make your works simpler while you put together complex items.

5.    Find Help

The majority of projects involving furniture assembly need at least two people, particularly if the parts are heavy or if setting up needs levelling onto a wall. Request family members or friends to help you with the project. You can even enlist professional help.

6.    Follow the Guidelines

Go through the manual pages and stick to the demonstrated guidelines as to how to assemble the furniture. You might want to go through the instructions a couple of times to get a clearer view of the process. Begin assembling from the base as you continue to the details. If similar items are numerous, assemble them simultaneously so that you are not confused.


Completing the assembly process of this furniture can be quite fulfilling. Just make sure you follow these tips so that the process can be smooth.




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